Long time between drinks

G'day all!

We are now down in Melbourne for Christmas.  My little old bomb (car) made it down without a hitch.  900km/560 miles over two days, in part because we left in the afternoon, too late to make it in one day and in part because I hate driving that far in one day, particularly with only one driver.

We have visaed.  (That isn't a word, btw.)  It only took about an hour and a bit, most of which was waiting in a queue.  I managed to read about four pages of my book in that time.  You can't take knitting into the consulate.  At least they provide magazines these days.  The first time we went there, we didn't take books, there were no magazines and the tv was showing the screen saver for the DVD player it was hooked up to.  And we were there for over three hours.  OMG, nearly died of boredom.

We were told we should expect the visas next week.  Hooray!

So Seattle, yes Seattle for all those who guessed correctly, is GO GO GO!

And we will be living in Seattle, not Redmond.  Nathan has not joined The Evil Empire, though I really now think Microsoft is not The Evil Empire any more.  No, a different company is that.  One Nathan hasn't worked for.

I have one more day of work before knocking off for Christmas.  I have to go through the attic here and figure out what I want to take with me to Seattle, what is staying behind, how much I can really take with me - I will be driving back to Sydney with Nathan's bike and some boxes of stuff as all our stuff is leaving from Sydney.  I have to be back there on the 3rd of January, and will probably go up on New Year's Day just to give me plenty of time (aka a day) to get organised.  But I'll have to hire a car most likely because the car I was going to use has decided to have a little rest, and is spending Christmas in a shopping centre carpark with a dud immobiliser or a dud wire.

Hmm, now that I've ignored the blog for a couple of days, I can say I've finished work for the year (I have to go pick up the laptop after it gets more RAM), and the visas with passports arrived yesterday!  Hooray!

I have managed to do very little this Saturday arvo, except drive to and from the inlaw's place a few times (argh!  I didn't have a key for the house!), read through some old stories I wrote years ago that I found in the attic (alas, I wrote up more of them on my old old laptop but it got stolen and I hadn't backed up the stories, so I only have the handwritten parts.  I know one was somewhat more extensive than what I have written down!), and burn the gluten and dairy-free shortbread bikkies (thank heavens they didn't all fit on the tray, so I have about 12 left.  I hope I don't decide to water the garden or anything this time around!).  I even avoided the golden orb weaver spider who had cunningly placed her web across the best access to the nectarines, which are just coming into ripeness.  Alas, about 70% of the nectarines are affected by rot, even though it hasn't been dewy or wet recently.  I presume they need to be sprayed to stop them going rotten.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, or a nice break depending on your religion or lots and lots of moulah for working on Christmas Day, and may no nightmarish santa claws haunt your dreams!




  1. Gunna miss you Lynne but if you can update your blog Itll be fun to see what you get up to!!! Your Quilting has me back into it too!! The less time I have the more I seem to do,LOL

  2. more enjoy in next christmas

  3. I am Very Behind in my blog reading. I am so glad everything is working out so well, bar the burning, the keys and the car, but you seem to be taking it all in your stride. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!! 'visaed' indeed!!


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