Grey day

G'day all!

At last I can make an announcement.  Hooray!  This has been weighing on me for a while.

Today DH resigned from his job.  Yep.  We are blowing the big G off and going off to a new and exciting location.

Sydney's weather, grey and a bit cool, is preparing us for what awaits.

We are going to a place renowned for its rainy, foggy, cool weather.  Am not looking forward to that part.  It is a couple of states up the coast from where we lived for a couple of years.

Any guesses yet?

In the meantime, we have had an extra exciting weekend.  But blogger just ate my great long ranting post - it completely lost 90% of it and I am now peeved with it and do not want to play with blogger any more today.  Plus it made me log in again.  Humph.  I think that deserves a flounce.  It even gave me a 404 page not found error.

There is so much to do, so many places to see before I leave Sydney next weekend.  Sigh.  We are going back to Melbourne for Christmas and to get new visas (there's another clue).  I have to get the results of blood tests to see if the Big C is staying in remission but I can't find anyone who knows if they have been received.  I guess it is time for more phone calls.



  1. I only know The Windy City ( watched Doris Day and Howard Keel yesterday) and Tinsel Town.
    How exciting!! I thought it might be job related and now you are off overseas!! Hooray and I hope you find your blood test results anon!!
    I lose the will to post when my readied draft is eaten too. I just can't summon the strength twice.

  2. Is he going to work for "the dark side"? (-:

    At least you will be in knitter/spinner heaven again - a place where all you knit will be necessary for health and happiness.

    And - Whole Foods again!

    Very happy for you both.

  3. Seattle is my guess too!!

  4. Oh Lynne ,all the best for medical stuff and I hope this new job will be awesome,does that mean you might make Rhinebeck next year?!!

  5. Gotta be Seattle, Lynne! Hooray! All that yarny goodness at your fingertips again! It's a lovely place, too, and we thought of living up there once up on a time.

    Maybe we can catch up at a Stitches West again one of these days. Ross and I are still making the every-other-month trek back to Jokeland from here!

  6. ooh exciting!! :)


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