Ah, sunny Brisvegas

G'day all!

Ah sunny Brisvegas....

Apparently the weather is craptastic all the way down the eastern seaboard.  Someone did not even bother checking the weather forecast and is mighty she brought one long sleeved cardie with heer, cos it is a mite chilly at the moment...  Brisbane is tropical, for those not in the know and I expected it to be warm...

Mental note for anyone interested, the supermarkets close with the shops on the weekend...that means don't leave it until six pm to go get some stuff.

Conference has been good so far. Talked to lots of people, sat through two awesome talks and two average ones, scared a few people, attracted others (to the work stall which I am manning for a couple of days).

I'd talk more about the two speakers I really enjoyed but I am writing this on the phone.  However, I will say I am a walking joy spot and will be happy to show you my gratitude glasses, and that CT scans are apparently quite good for you. A little exposure to radiation has a protective effect against cancer.

Who knew?



  1. Oh I am so glad you are enjoying yourself!! Weather has been nice all the way down here. The supermarkets close?? You can pretty much buy most things here till 10 or 11pm and the KMart is one all the time.

  2. Interesting about CAT scans :-)
    Hope your trip is worthwhile. Are you still working for the Melbourne people or is this a new job?


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