We have escaped New York

G'day all!

We have escaped New York city.  It is a most fabulous place but totally OTT.  I have pics to share but not until we have real internet.  And I had a lovely time meeting up with my crazy fiber lady friend (links later) and a Ravelry BC mate.

We have left our teensy hotel room (apparently they used to be girls' dorms from way back when) and now are lounging in comfort in a Holiday Inn.  We appear to have a king size bed with a pillowtop or maybe memory foam.


(Excuse me whilst I roll around on it, enjoying the support and softness.)

Apparently I am about 60-70, or at least my body appreciates some good old fashioned comfort.

(Our $368/night plus fees and taxes and charges bed was like a rock.  Me and rocks don't get along too well.  Also the bathroom was so small in the previous hotel that I wanged my head on the wall trying to get out from under the water jet aka the shower and you could not sit straight on the toilet - you hit your knees on the wall.  Here you'd have to be a giant to hit your knees there's so much space!)

We are now in the wilds of Pennsylvania for the PA Energy Fest.  It looks like a cross between a hippy festival and a serious renewable energy fest.  Should be interesting!

Only one more day and a bit to good internet (well I hope it is ADSL or something).  I thought I needed a cord to make the camera talk to the laptop but I believe the work laptop has an SD card reader.  Hooray!  Then I can load some pics onto flickr.  Double hooray!

Time for beddy byes.  We are still jetlagged, if you can't tell from my writing, and need a good night's sleep or two.  Alas tomorrow night will not be it - we have to be up at 4am to drive to Philadelphia to catch the plane to San Jose.

Do you know the way to San Jose, do do do do do dododododdodo?



  1. I enzy you the trip!! I doubt Ill ever leave Aussie but Id love to go to Alaska Ireland and Scotland

  2. LOL misspelt envy,LOL!! Hope you re having loads of fun!!

  3. I wish to see your photographs in New York..Please keep sharing here..I am going to follow your blog..

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  4. You've been away so long I hope you do not go wrong and lose your way!!
    That teeny tiny room sounds woeful, glad you have a nice room and bed and have met up with some of your friends. Looking forward to pictures and more film, TV and song nods!!

  5. Wrong place to comment, but N doesn't seem to have a functioning blog! Tell him congrats on the article in Renew, whihc arived last week, I think, or maybe early this week. Good stuff! If he ever gets bored with fixing wherever you're living anytime, he can always come and play in my roof!!


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