California here we've come

G'day all!

We've been in California almost a week now and I have neglected the blog in favour of catching up with a few people and umm, doing lots of shopping...  Just as well we only brought one suitcase with us cos I had to go buy another one.

You want pics?  I only have pics of NYC.  I have some from the coast here and a couple of sunset and some from a bay cruise up out of SF but you don't come to San Jose for the scenery.

We are about to take off for the weekend to visit the Sierra Nevadas, Lake Tahoe, etc.  If I am lucky, I might see some aspens in their fall colours.  I love aspens.  I've seen them naked, in first flush of leaves, in full leaf but never really in their yellow fall party dresses.

I have to run - we are picking a friend up from the station in an hour and we are by no means ready yet.



  1. I think blogging should be last on your list of fun things to be doing!! Glad you are having


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