She sews socks by the seashore

G'day all!

I am sure some of you have entirely forgotten I started this blog to share my knitting conquests. It has gone a little sideways from there over the last while, and I fear it will go more sideways yet.

But at last I have found the pics I took of the Tardis socks, though they are not the Best Evah shots. I embroidered on half the Tardis markings whilst sitting on a park bench at Glebe Point. tardis_socks

Do you like the view the socks (and I) had? That's the Anzac Bridge with the Sydney Harbour Bridge underneath it.  I admit that there isn't too much of the seashore there, more just a border of rocks but it is still a very pleasant place.

The finished socks do not have Police Box embroidered on them as the sock yarn was too thick.  As it was, I bollocksed up part of it trying to write police box on and had to duplicate stitch over the manky bit...  Shhh, don't tell anyone, ok?  :-)


Hmm, blogger has a new interface and I am not sure I like it as much as the old one.  Of course I've been using the old one for years and one does get set in one's ways.  It would be very nice if the editor didn't get stuck at pictures.  I might have to provide some feedback about that!

Now speaking of seashore, earlier today I went for a walk along the promenade along the harbour down the bottom of our street.  I know that we have skinks around our block of flats - I've taken pics of them before and yesterday nearly stood on one when I was walking back from the laundry.  Today I saw about 15 skinks sunning themselves on the rocks along the harbour front.  I'm guessing most of them were common garden skinks but two were rock skinks, which can grow up to 30cm long!

Here's me crawling along the edge of the harbour (ooh me back!  I've done my SI joints again and my lower back is a bit crabby), gawping at skinks.  They are almost as good as crawdads, though crawdads usually will have a go back rather than running away....  Anyway, I am the biggest kid you'll ever see.  If it's a critter of almost any sort, I'm so there!  Unless it's a leech.  Leeches squick me out.



  1. Are those fabulous TARDIS socks bigger on the inside than the outside??
    Leeches scare the willies out of me too. Those, and spiders!!

  2. Those Tardis socks are incredibly cool!! Leeches are just so creepy, but I agree lizards are fun!! I've noticed them coming out to enjoy the sunny days.

  3. Nice socks! We used to watch and attempt to catch skinks sunny on the rock wall at home when I was a kid. Oh the memories :-)

  4. LOVE the TARDIS socks! (won't ask if they are bigger on the inside ... oh wait ..)

  5. They are bigger on the inside, which is great for when your shoes are too tight.

  6. They are brilliant!


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