I can haz haircut

G'day all!

I had my first proper haircut this arvo. I got rid of the duck's butt/mullet, and have a style cut.

Is skeered now.

Is looking like my mother. Except my photo is skewed again... It must be a bug in mobile blogger.

Is very skeered.

But the haircut is pretty cute.

Must work out what I am taking to the usa...  We leave on tuesday!

This extremely shallow post brought to you by poet's day.



  1. it's cute.

    Do let us know when you plan to be in the area.

  2. Yes, very cute. I think the non-existence of a god can be proved by the fact that if there was one, s/he would give you a hairstyle that suited you and didn't need cutting!!!
    Happy tripping away!!


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