New York, New York

G'day all!

Sorry, no pics yet.  Our internet allowance is minute, rather like our hotel room.  But I'm in NYC and it is very NYC.  Lots of traffic, lots of noise, lots of horns and squealing tyres (I have no idea how they manage to squeal tyres when it is bumper to bumper traffic).  Lots of people.

I have not seen too much in the way of people cutting back on spending.  There are people shopping until they drop.  Wholefoods was doing a roaring trade.  (Oh how I've missed you, Wholefoods!  Your glorious $1.99 a pound organic apples... your beautiful cheap organic produce (organic veg in Oz is expensive) ... your huge range of gluten and dairy free icecream... your gluten and dairy free frozen meals... rice chips... and today I even found some decent fresh GF and DF bread!  But our minute hotel room doesn't have a fridge or a microwave so I have to hold off until we are in San Jose.)  Then again I guess I am in one of the most expensive cities in the world, at least this end of it is.  (I'm near Central Park and not far from Times Square.)

Anyone want an I<3NY tshirt?  I can get them pretty cheap 8-)  I only passed about 20 stalls selling them in my 20 block walk.  20 blocks in NYC is not really very far - the blocks are longish but narrow, unlike Melbourne's square blocks.  Sydney has long blocks too.

Time for me to go back out into the humidity again.  It is 80-something F and quite humid.  I think I should go for a walk in Central Park.  Tomorrow I meet up with a friend, and on Friday with a raveller I've never met.  Then we are off to Pennsylvania on Friday night, and then San Jose on Sunday.



  1. Ny, NY, it's a hell of a town, the Bronx is up and The battery's down etc. I am so glad you are having a fabulous time and able to buy all those wonderful things. Soooo cheap for fruit and vegetables. I want a Wholefoods here too!!


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