A very sheepish post

G'day all!

I've been mucking around in BigHugeLabs, making a few mosaics of the pics I took of sheep up at Bendigo. OK, there's a couple of young billy goats and three alpacas as well. Pics are big (probably will obscure the side bar some) to make up for the multitude of them. DOH! Pics are obscured by the side bar and I can't figure out how to make the sidebar smaller so the pics can be seen in all their glory - you'll have to click through to Flickr to see them properly! Now I'm sheepish!


ASW show pics, Bendigo 2010
Don't you take your sheep for a walk?

English Leicesters at ASW, Bendigo 2010
English Leicesters are such pretty sheep :-)

Sheep, alpacas and goats at ASW, Bendigo 2010
Almost more sheep, goats and alpacas than you can poke a stick at. Not that you should poke a stick at animals or people for that matter. I love the shot of the young Dorset Downs ram in the centre - he has an attitude!

Not all sheep are stupid
Not all sheep are stupid, but some sure look it! Which one(s) do you think look stupid? And which one(s) look clever?

Merino sheep at ASW, Bendigo 2010
Merino rams in all their glory. These sheep are HUGE in full fleece. They stand half as high as a tallish man.

Speaking of sheepish, here's a series of pics I took of a dog herding some sheep. Pics are in order.


Getting there...

Nearly there!




  1. I love your sheepish pictures!!Ewe are so clever!! I am a bit afraid of farm animals, they are so unexpectedly big, and snorty and smelly. Still, I love the rams' curly horns and the sheep look quite intelligent. And not electric!!!

  2. Great pictures. Thanks also for the link to make the mosaic. Always wondered how people make them ;). All the best. Vreni

  3. Great photos! I don't think I've ever knowingly seen a photo of a merino sheep before. Alison

  4. Loved, loved, loved, the photos. That Dorset sheep with the buckle on his nose looks very steam punk!

    There was an interesting article about the Bendi Sheep and Wool Show in Clara Parks' Knitting Review website. It was written by MsGusset I think. Sadly she mentioned that the Meskills Woolworks near Kyneton has closed because the CSIRO wool processing plant has closed down. Sad


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