My bad, still here!

G'day all!

Thank you all for the kind messages of support. I'm still a bit freaked but I'm still here, just been realllly busy! Keeping busy is the only way I know how to deal with worry stress. (I am learning meditation which I am assured is excellent.) So I've been knitting madly on my new FO


Summerflies, which I finished just in the nick of time for July, and I've been spinning up some very pretty brightly coloured yarn, and am prepping fleece for a shawl I have to knit by mid September (my bad! but the fleece is lovely and hopefully the FO from it will be wonderfully soft), and we've been out quite a bit. We went for a drive up to Warburton on Thursday and yesterday was free public transport day after a spectacular PT fail on Wednesday, so we tooled around the city and caught the tram to the spinning guild and Brunswick and bought fabric and stuff.... I have to share pics from our travels and talk about them too but I am run off my poor sore puffy footsies and leggies! (They are a bit better than they were but my forearms are joining in the painful "fun" and my nails are still horrid.) At least I can now walk 500m in one hit ok, if a bit slowly!

I am still booked in for surgery next Thursday. I have so much to get done before then. I believe my surgeon is going to be the same one who operated on Kylie Minogue, and more importantly to me, my MiL. Yep, my MiL went through all this nearly 10 years ago.

Tomorrow we are catching the train out to Rosedale, a couple of hours east of here. We'll meet up with my big sister's family and have lunch, then head back into the city and meet up with Nathan's family and have tea! It will be a very busy day. (and Monday I have to go op shopping at Savers - we have Savers here too! The same Savers! Pity it doesn't have cashmere sweaters though.... Anyway I need some loose blouses for after my op cos getting tshirts on will be difficult. Of course with my fumble fingers I won't be much good with buttons but if it comes to it, someone else can do them up for me! Plus I have to get a front opening no underwire bra or two. I am sure such things exist but I've never noticed them....)

Golly, it's 11pm and we have to be up and at it by 7:30am tomorrow so I'll love you and leave you.



  1. Glad you are keeping busy and being social!!! I learned some meditation and I use it to help me go to sleep, before I try tablets!!
    Good luck with the shopping!!!

  2. I can highly recommend meditation as well a visualisation. That's something I did a lot during the time I had my op as well as the therapies afterwards. Somehow I felt it was something I could do; everything else was out of my hands and it made me feel less helpless.

  3. I'll be thinking of you this week, Lynne, and sending relaxing "Oms" your way!

  4. Just wanted to stop by and wish you "All the Best" for a successful surgery and excellent recovery. Will be thinking of you and your partner as you take this next step in your recovery.

  5. Savers! One of my family's favorite places for a browse. Glad to know there's another so far away in the world. Sending positive vibes for the chemo and treatments (and side effects) you face.

  6. HI Lynne, I'm sending you good thoughts and lots of encouragement. I know I'm a couple of days early, but didn't want to miss out. I hope all goes very well for you indeed.


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