Almost done

G'day all!

Still pictureless - I've been busy looking at everyone else's blogs and pics rather than getting pics. My bad!

Today we had a lovely trip to the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens, and in particular the Australian Garden. I have lots of pics, not necessarily great shots mind you but lots of pics to edit when I have a little more time. My big sister picked us up and shouted us lunch and all. It were luverly.

I've been knitting madly. Still haven't finished one of a pair of fingerless mitts. I've only knitted six pairs all up and one has already found a new home. I have to make up labels and stuff for all of them. Yikes!

Tomorrow, assuming my bloods are good, is my last chemo!


I hope my white cells have come up cos I've been croaky for over a week now. I hope it is just the chemo and not a virus cos that will probably knock out my chemo. DH has a cold today. I'm sleeping on the couch tonight with at least one cat to keep me company.

I shall have to wear my chemo queen jacket and my new crown tomorrow, though only once I have confirmation that chemo is going ahead.

Oops, must go to bed! It is an hour later than I thought it was and I need to be up bright and early tomorrow cos last chemo starts at 9:30 and I need to leave here by nine. Wish me luck! And I hope you can stick a fork in me tomorrow cos I'll be done! (I'll still have to get over the chemo and then face surgery and radiotherapy but at least I won't have this breathing down my neck every three weeks.)

Oh and for those who wanted to know? I am not BRCA1 or 2 positive, so this means the cancer is either plain bad luck or the result of a mutation they don't know about yet. I'm sorta betting on the first.



  1. Have a wonderful Last Chemo tomorrow, I hope everyone sticks a fork in you and you are well and truly done!!!!

  2. he he :) Yes, best of wishes for your last Chemo, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your blood counts. Cranbourne Botanical Gardens, sounds wonderful!

  3. Best of luck tomorrow! Hope you can stay away from those cold germs too. So amazed how much you continue to get done while feeling so lousy!!

  4. Hope all goes well tomorrow Lynne - and we HAVE to see a photo in the crown!


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