I've got the whine...

G'day all!

Anyone got the cheese?

I'm still here! I'm feeling better than I did but this last round has knocked me for six (as we say here in Oz, and possibly anywhere else they play cricket). I seem to have a mild cold as well cos my snout is playing up. (Yes, all you mums out there, I am looking after myself, taking my temperature regularly, eating as well as I can, keeping my fluid intake up, etc.) Oh and I think I am discovering what hot flushes are. Yikes!

But I must be feeling better cos yesterday and today I spun some yarn and knitted! I spun 50g of lovely BFL/seasilk/bunny from Ixchelbunny. (I should link her but she's probably plenty busy enough at present getting ready for Bendigo.) I started work on a little wrappy shawl of my own design (mainly cos I discovered 300m of yarn from last year's TdF and decided it had to be used immediately). Now if only I would sleep the night through, things would be grand!

I panicked myself today by finding a lump below my armpit. I dug around a bit on the net and discovered that it is most likely my serratus anterior muscles playing up - if I rub them, the lump and tenderness goes away and my scapula stops hurting too! I do have a not quite matching (ie smaller) lump on the other side. I am blaming spinning - I have not done any for ages and suddenly I spend four hours over the course of the day spinning, holding my right arm out oddly. I am dreadfully unfit now. Oh and spending two or three hours editing pics from our Yellowstone trip (over a year ago!) - I did a few pics from Day 2, mostly in Nevada. I never expected Nevada to be as interesting (or as green!) as it was. Then again I love rock formations and the unseasonal rain they had had just made everything wonderfully green.

Still not clever enough to take pics. Plus yesterday was a very dull, drizzly sort of day and today was variable. DH hasn't shared pics of his bruised foot from spraining his ankle, but he has lots of bruising on either side of the ankle, some on the bottom of his foot, some under his toes and some on top of his toes! It looks spectacular. My sprained ankles don't look anywhere near as pretty, they just puff up and go slightly yellow looking (not that they are sprained currently, touch wood!).

I have to find some safety pins for my Australian Sheep and Wool handspun, knitted items for their woolcraft show. I'm sending in:




(minus the people, of course!)

The safety pins attach the entry tags and the samples of fleece/top/roving and yarn to each other. I figure that I can use a couple of the bent quilting basting pins I have, only I have to find them first! The Chair of the Woolcraft committee is picking my entries up tomorrow - how lovely of her! I really appreciate it - go say thanks to speave on Ravelry :-)

Nathan is having lots of fun in the kitchen currently - he and a friend are putting in a reinforcing beam as I speak. Or at least prepping for it. This will mean we can open up the wall between the kitchen and loungeroom and then really start moving on the kitchen renovations.

There are movements on the job front too for Nathan. The job he was offered a couple of weeks ago was withdrawn suddenly when he said he couldn't start with two days notice. That made us cranky! Plus the little contract he's been doing that stops him getting the dole hasn't paid yet because the time sheets went missing hither and yon. But it is in progress now and we are ok for the nonce!

So with any luck, things are looking up 8-)



  1. Sending you good vibes on the health front, and for future employment for hubby to turn up quickly.
    Love the hexagons too, I just know I wouldn't have the patience.


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