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G'day all!

A week after the fact, I reckon I ought to wrap up the Bendi posts so that I can go back to whining about cancer. I'm feeling a leetle stressed currently.

It was on the Saturday morning... The Ravelry BAA breakfast. (Still haven't worked out the baa part - it is a group, etc, but why baa?) It was lovely to see some familiar faces, one of whom won the sock off:

with the knee socks that you can't really see in my really bad pic but they are in the top left and have an almost invisible arrow pointing to them.

There was also a handspun yarn off too for those of us knitting with handspun (heck, wish I'd worn my pinwheel jacket to it but I changed outfits). I didn't take pics of this cos it involves faces and some people don't want their face online.

But then there was the exciting stuff. The lucky doorprize!

And here is my bag with its number 42, the third number pulled!

This was the table of lusciousness that I could choose from, so I chose the piece of paper. I have lots of yarn and tops and stuff but a couple of days away during the week? Priceless!

So for me it was very successful. For others, not so successful. A few people went up more than once - they had bought more than one bag or had a bag for someone else. If I had more than one bag, I wouldn't not take more than one prize, but that is just me trying to share the love around. At the end when the random number generator on Fiestywench's iPhone kept pulling the same numbers out over and over, she called the remaining folks who had not won anything up to the table to grab a prize. There were about as many prizes as there were people. Good, eh? There were quite a number of very generous sponsors.

(The breakfast? A few people said it was very nice but I wouldn't know cos it appeared to be hamburgers and other stuff that I can't eat, so I ate my multi Os or whatever they are and drank my apple juice.)

For those who need full disclosure of stash additions, read on.

I bought these bags of fluff, supposedly downs fleece but I suspect it is something else since downs tends to be very crinkly, bouncy and rather short stuff. This has quite a length of lock not found in meat breeds of sheep.


I was just fascinated by the progression from raw:

to washed:

to dyed in hot pink and magenta :-) And all very reasonably priced too! (Can't find the lady's info but I know she lives not so far from me.) It isn't as if I don't know what wool looks like in its various guises, heck I've washed plenty in my time!, but I liked this stuff.

Here's the stuff you've been waiting for. The creme de la creme. Wendy Dennis polwarth. Mmm-mmm!

(Do you like the fact that I found about the only lock with a grotty tip to show off?)

This is a white "elite" fleece, and you sure pay through the nose for them. But they are worth it! Look at the length of the locks!

(The blue is my gloved hand with my thumb at the lower right. My hands are 20cm/8" long.)

I asked David (Dennis) for a "typical" polwarth fleece and he pointed out this one. The crimp and the bounce make it typical. The length and cleanliness makes it elite.


I also bought some more grey polwarth. This one is only "export" quality.



This fleece has shorter locks (I've found some that are only about 7cm long so far but most are easily 10cm long) and is a bit tippy in that the ends are curled up a bit, mebbe because of the coat, mebbe because this is a lamb fleece. It still has a nice bold crimp to it.


And I think that brings us to the end of our Bendigo acquisitions! Just as well it only comes once a year (and when it comes it brings good cheer!) 8-)

I've also received a couple of parcels recently and had some material acquisitions. I will blog some of these. Our little house is groaning under the influx of New Stuff. Today I had a rather productive day - I pruned some of the roses (still having problems with my fingertips and nails, makes wearing gardening gloves and handwork rather painful!), did a little weeding, knitted madly on a new shawlette, cut some fabric and made two 45cm "square" log cabin style cushion covers, went to the farmers' market and bought lots of stuff (but no fat pigs!), took pics of the flowers in the yard - Spring is coming! - and lazed in the sunshine that randomly appeared this afternoon. It was so nice to sit in the sun - I miss the sun. We've been having a rancid winter, horrid and cold and gloomy and even a bit of rain here and there (though not so much recently). A proper winter, none of this let's be sunny and not rain much at all like the winters before we went to the US. One of the parcels brought something particularly welcome on cold days :-)



  1. Wow some of that wool is amazing, so crimped ad so long. You will certainly enjoy a little getaway and I look forward to your cancer moaning!!!!!!
    Hope whatever is distressing you is fixed quick smart.
    You certainly were busy today.
    I especially like Winter Sun, when it is grey I feel much sadder and less likely to do things. Hope the Sun shines on you tomorrow.

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip away :)


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