Happy Harry Potter day!

G'day all!

Things are not too good around here at present. Still, we will get us a copy of Harry Potter at some point this weekend (I know, I know - we don't have it Right Now?) and will read it intently and it might distreact us from our woes (nb Ia m relatively happy but DH is in the pits). Then we will get us the Oz version cos it has a different cover and often different insides!

In the meantime I will wear my Harry Potter tshirt, the one that is the clothing brand not the book series.... just cos I can!

If we can get a car today, we are off to Fairplay (aka South park!). Hope we get the car....



  1. (I can't leave comments on your other blog, so will leave them here).

    I'm sorry to hear that only half of you is doing well - is this just a little Rocky Mountain Low, is it just a glitch that is overcomeable? Surely there is someone in a techy place that can give him some more support? Hopefully it's just a little hill in the mountains of adjustment - for them, for you, for your computer.

    Such a shame, as you were swinging along really well. As you will again. I hope things sort out quickly for you both. And enjoy the last Harry Potter instalment. I'm trekking my way through it too.

    I missed out on going to the Bendy show yesterday due to a sudden operation for my husband. So stayed home, made a curly-whirly scarf and started reading.

    Best wishes from sunny oz - as compared to yesterday when the fog didn't clear until noon!

  2. That's too bad. Hopefully, things will get better once he gets fully settled in and gets to know people. New jobs are hard and new jobs in another country are even harder.

  3. Cheer up N - tis a massive culture shock if nothing else moving half way round the world. We know you're more than capable on the job front and hope it all settles soon.

    New HP is great, I read it on Saurday cover to cover :-D Enjoyed it lots too, of course there are mixed opinions but personally I've only read one negative comment on the blogs etc.

  4. Hope you're both ok now.


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