Not much g'day today!

Ergle. I have a gut bug. Lots of not much eating (worse, not much drinking) and lots of feeling rather ill.

So much to show you too but no energy for show and tell, let alone wrangling the new computer into letting me look at the pics (easy to fix if you have the right password and some energy) or for that matter taking pics of the recent spinning and dyeing and fleece.

I really want some nice bland juice - some apple juice would do but I don't have any juice at all cos I was going to go shopping today. Shopping involves getting on the bike and riding only a mile (with the bike trailer on the back) but that is about a mile further than I feel capable of going currently! Plus DH appears to be in a meeting it seems so I can't contact him and wail for juice and maybe some soyghurt.

This too shall pass, but I wish it would be a whole lot less unpleasant about it. Hopefully next time I shall have lots for show and tell, rather than a pathetic whine!



  1. Donyale4:05 pm

    Errrrrch. Sounds awful - wish you quick betterness.

  2. Oh dear ! My sympathies to you (from one who's been suffering from a drug induced gut rot for the last 4 days).
    Did your DH resolve his work issues of last week? I hope things are looking brighter on that front too.
    You must show us your pics when you can.

  3. 'Things' are going around here like that too. The top half of our island has had 98 cases of the real true blue flu. Hope there is juice and comfort soon!!!

  4. Hope you feel better soon and that you got your juice...

  5. Oh I hope you feel better soon. Gut bugs are the absolute worst!


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