Hooray for kindly geek neighbours!

G'day all!

The yarnivorous travelling sideshow is back on the road! Yay!

Our neighbour is providing access to his internet whilst we work out what we are going to do. What a lovely chap!

I've been knitting and spinning and cleaning and shopping. Admittedly half of what I've been knitting is kitchen cotton but you can forgive me I hope. Not that I have pics cos I've been busy here and we only got online last night. We even have a nice (borrowed) wireless mouse! (The track pad on this stupid 'doze box has decided not to work at all now...and the ps2 port turns out to actually be an ?S video port? A video port anyway, which is why the ps2 mouse that Nathan brought home didn't fit. LOL.)

Now if I am being bad and not emailing you or visiting your website, please forgive me - the only time I have on the computer is during the day (Nathan comes home and chats to his friends online cos evening here is morning in Oz) or after Nathan goes to bed (bad for marital relationship). Half of my days at the moment involve going out and trawling shops looking for stuff we need and the other half is looking to find stuff that we have - we are disorganised yet cos we don't have drawers to put stuff in and I have not yet cleaned the kitchen cupboards out (saga brewing, check Colorado Dreaming).

Hmm, gotta go do some cleaning. And have a cuppa.



  1. Sounds like things are going well!

  2. A sink that words, shower curtains and now The Internet. I love it when a plan comes together!!!

  3. gibbering6:21 pm

    How is nathan enjoying the job?

  4. You are always talking about this or that yarn shop. Today while visiting family I drove past Yarn For Ewe. My first yarn shop sighting. :-)

  5. Looks like you are settling in well and a great neighbour also :) Must catch up with your blog since we have been away , sounds like its been all go:)

  6. Sounds like it has been a really manic time and I don't blame you for knitting loads of wash cloths - cleaning etc helpd make a new place feel more like home. Good to hear your back on line more or less - hope you guys settle in well!

  7. Thank goodness for nice neighbours!


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