Geisha jacketty amusement

G'day all!

I was going through the photos I pulled off the camera the other day and found some stuff that might amuse you.

Not that long ago, I said that I have done fair isle and intarsia, and showed some pics of the same. Then I said I had one more special thing to show you.

Well, tada!

(excuse the general scruffiness - I was madly packing and cleaning)

But if the front of that bat winged jacket is not exciting enough for you, check out the back!

DUUUUUDE!!!! For those who live in Melbourne, be amazed that I wore it on Chapel St about 2 years ago. It is nice and warm. The pink and green bits are particularly nice wool too - very silky merino. The red is fairly coarse, as far as Oz wool goes (so about 25 micron).



  1. How fantastic!!! You don't look too scruffy at all!!!

  2. scruffy where? :-)
    that is a fantastic jacket

  3. dude, that so totally rocks! you'll absolutely fit in at sundance! (you gotta go meet robert redford, even if he is an old fart now, lol)

  4. Glad to see you! Hope you starting to settle in!!!,Envy those wool shops!!!!!

  5. Ta-da, INDEED!! Nice to see you, Lynne. I don't see any scruffies.
    ; )

  6. Lynne?!?!?! I didn't even know this was you!!! I haven't seen you since I left ak traditions in Prahran - I'm so stoked you got your visas, you lucky thing. I'll have to come and visit you when I move to Canada :)

    PS: If you need any Spiral Dyed fleece, let me know...

  7. Can't decide if it's "Memoirs of a Geisha", Adam and the Ants, or Duran Duran...

    The fashion police must have been busy elsewhere when you took that down Chapel Street :)

  8. Wowie zowie, what a great jacket! It's good to see you're starting to get settled in. Good luck with the house / apartment hunting.


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