Still alive

G'day all!

i am still alive and still kicking. The easter egg on my head has subsided to a very small sore spot now (and I am sure that DH will gleefully tell me my poor noggin is all pretty shades of purple and green - it was just bright angry red). Gosh, imagine I could've been the first person to fracture their skull on a hand-drier. Or maybe not.

Anyway, I have been extremely busy! We are starting to clear out all the stuff we will never use. I should say *I* will never use. I've brought six large boxes of Stuff down to two small and one medioum box. I am taking a whole heap of material and clothes to the op shop today. The material is mostly stuff that I got from a place that did offcuts of sheeting and upholstery fabric. I realised that if I have not made anything with it in the last 8 years, I am unlikely to do anything with it now. The clothes and shoes are not ones I will take with me to the USA so why keep them? For someone who does not like high heels, I had about 15 pairs for work - a right little Imelda Marcos I am! I hate wearing shoes I find uncomfortable (ie heels and narrow toe space) but I love them at the same time. If it has a Louis the whateverth heel, I am so there! (But they are not fashionable at present - that never stopped me before!) If it is girly, I love it. If it is a "Betty Grable" shoe or something like what my mum would've worn in the 40s and 50s, oo la la!

So I have to finish the worst of the clearing out today, in between being TOTALLY obsessed.

Yep, most of my silence is because I am totally obsessed by the pinwheel jacket I am knitting. Since Saturday I have knitted the sleeves after making up the pattern as I went along. I had to knit the sleeves from the cuff up as I didn't know if I would have enough yarn. The answer to that question was no, but when I took the main body off the needles, I realised that it sucked big time, so I ripped it back about umm, more than halfway (EEK!). I had well over 600 stitches on the needles and it was looking too oddly ruffled, but not ruffled in a good way, just in a way that made it look utterly wrong. So I ripped it back a long way and suddenly discovered that I could finish both the sleeves no worries!

Now I have to redo the body. I know what to do and what not to do now. It will take a few more days to get done though, but still a new jacket in less than two weeks is pretty good. Assuming I don't lose enthusiasm....

We almost have walls in the bathroom. I am contemplating buying some flooring paint and just sanding the floor a bit and painting it. Maybe I will regret that in the future but it would be a helluva lot cheaper than buying vinyl - vinyl here is not at all cheap unless you buy the really rancid horrid thin stuff that will last about 10 seconds under our cats galloping up and down the house with claws out.

Another busy day here! Nathan may or may not have to work today - the campus is closed due to a power failure that hurt two men yesterday. Being an IT person, he may be needed if/when they bring the computers back online. Since there is no airconditioning I feel a lot of people will stay away - it will either be freezing (only 14 degrees outside at present, hmm, about umm55-60?) or frying (if you have a large computer and oldstyle CRT monitor) today.

OK, off to do stuff! BTW, the shop is updated a little with some price reductions - I need to clear out more stock cos i have more to put online, including some handspun! I also have some more sock yarn dyed up so check every now and then if you are interested!



  1. You have been busy a proper 'spring clean' I too must have one of those . Amazingly I too have rathera collection of shoes I will never wear again. Now that I don't work I am mostly in jeans so its either boots or sandals if the weather gets warm but I can'tseem to part with my heels as yet !!
    Which pinwheel jacket are you making ? c'mon show us a piccie .I have my eye on the one on Elann

  2. oops just scrolled down and see the jacket WOW lovely :)

  3. So sorry about your head!

    Now it just occurs to me that you haven't owned your house for very long. Are you sad to be leaving it behind? In any case, the move is a great way to de-clutter, isn't it?

  4. It must be sort of freeing to get rid of so much stuff... I'm glad your head is feeling better!


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