My favourite obsession

Come up to the lab and see what's on the slab. I see you shiver with antici...........pation. I've been making a man, with blond hair and a tan...

G'day all!

I give you pictures of my current obsession. Lots of pictures. They are not really of a man with blond hair and a tan (and a little pair of gold shorts - gosh I wish I had the money to be able to pull a comment out of the hat and send a prize to the person who identifies who sia dthe quote and in what). No longer up to date pictures, since these were shot when I had 125g of yarn left and now I have mm, maybe 25g. I still have no idea if it will work or not - the circumference of it is now about 3 metres I'd guess (actually if I remember my algebra, it apparently is about 4.5m around - no wonder each row takes a while now!).

In the mean time I must really update my website with new dyed yarns and also some handspun! Lots of handspun! Here's a little hint of what will be going online hopefully in the next day or two...

Plus there will be ONE lonely skein of merino:tencel sock yarn in mauves/purples/pinks. It looks so purty! You can see a little hint of it in one corner of the box. It is a bit shiny. I dyed it up for me, then I realised that since we will most likely be going to the USA, I can buy more there and dye more up! I know it is as rare as hens' teeth here. I can probably open up a supply line for us poor benighted Australians who do not have these fancy sock yarns (but we do have patonyle and heirloom argyle!).



  1. Dammit, Yarnivorous!! Where can those lines be from!!!!!
    Oh your Pinwheel jacket is looking very excellent. The colours are lovely and how many stitches???!!!

  2. Rocky Horror Picture Show!!

  3. Frank N Furter. Gotta love a man who can walk in platforms ;)

  4. Your jacket looks fabulous. Can't wait to see you model it.

  5. Rocky Horror flashback! :)

  6. Lovely colours. I see others have beaten me to identifying the quote. Scary thing is , 13 daughter would have identified it too - I bought it recently so that G and I could relive our youth and she immediately became obsessed with it!

  7. hhehe Prize or no prize! Tim Curry originally, in the luscious role of Frank'N'Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And of course it's our bashful little Rocky in those golden spanky pants!

    "Janet!!" - "Dr. Scott!!" - "Janet!" " Braaddd!" - "Rocky!"

    hehehe ;)p.s. love those colours :)

  8. everybody's said it, but i'll say it anyway.
    Dr. Frank N. Furter
    Rocky Horror Picture Show

    lets do the time warp again!

    dammit, janet!

  9. Those lines are from Rocky Horror! I saw that last year on austar so its still a little fresh in me brain! lol

    LOVE the pinwheel jacket. Gorgeous colours...

    Love the wool you have too there. I so need to learn how to spin! I have heaps of fleece to spin..That or find someone to spin it for me ;-)


  10. Ooh, love the Rocky Horror Picture Show! My friends and I skipped Schoolies Week (um, more than 10, less than 20 years ago!) and went to Sydney to see the Oz production instead - Jason Donovan never looked so good as in those fishnets!!!


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