G'day again all!

Must close some tabs on my browser... lucky you get to share!

A dog's tail tells all about how it is feeling.

An experiment that should show if there is organic matter on Mars.

Some "fibre" content. Phone a sheep?

Ever wanted a hovercraft? This mob have all you could ever want in a hovercraft. I never knew that I wanted one...

The latest stupidity to sweep the internet. I'll have to remember that link....

In fibrous news, I am rather excited to see that there are some ranches in Colorado that have noice fleece. One place has Corriedale and Bond fleeces. Mmmm-mmm, they will do noicely!

A plague upon you pestilential millipedes! At least I now have a name for the little sods. They aren't a big problem here but they are steenky!

Y'know I am really starting to think that our ancestors were not real fussy about who they bred with, as a new find in China suggests.

Finally, an article that is dear to my heart, or at least my diaphragm. I've been hiccuping a lot recently, really big violent I'm going to lose my dinner hiccups. Some doctors have found a way to stop the hiccups. They got an Ignoble Prize for their technique. You need to read the story - I'm not saying anything more except frankly, I think I'll stick with my chiropractor. C3-C4 adjustment and we are away!



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