Grron sale, graon sale

G'day all!

(Any other Melburnians remember "Compradez de Franco Cotzo? In Norda Melabun and Foodiscray.")

Today's post is brought to you by desperate and dollar-less.

Things are rumbling along here today. DH is playing in the bathroom with a friend and managing to get up and down reasonably well. It seems his back is easing up some more now. Being in a good temper helps a LOT too! Interesting how the mind-body connection works). I'm getting over the cold quite nicely now. It has rained some and has gone cooler (annoyingly now that I can wash more fleece but hey we need rain. Even the 10mm we've had so far makes a big difference!). Everything looks lush and damp outside, which means I'll have to cut the nature strip soon (is that what other people call the strip of grass between the footpath and the road outside your house?). I have heaps of plants to plant and stuff to do but for the nonce? Gran' sale time!

I'm putting up some of my handspun on the blog and most on the handspun website (hold your horses, it ain't all done yet!). Hmm, I am having some major problems with the handspun page (ie my editor just ATE THE WHOLE THING! It saved a different document over it! How did it do that????) so to entertain you whilst it appears, have a look at this page - who needs drugs (or in my case gluten) when you can have optical illusions instead?

All the yarn I spin is soft and should be very pleasant for next to skin wear unless you (like me) are particularly sensitive to wool. Even then it is fine for things like mittens, hats, scarves.... Most of the yarns are woollen or semi-woollen spun (ie soft, fuzzy and lofty). All yarns are handwash in cool water with a mild detergent only (unless you *want* them to felt! They will felt very happily for you).

The yarn is only going to be available through my website or this page until Tuesday 8th May 2007 Australian time (so that is in effect 7 May for Americans). Then it all goes to the guild, where it gets a price hike as they take 25% commission (and it would be 40% except I donate time to the guild).

Here we have nearly 400m of fingering weight finn cross handspun yarn, weight about 100g. Soft and yummy. Purty, eh?

I was going to keep this one for myself but like I have SOOOO much yarn. You are the winner! This lot, due to fineness and cost of tops, AU $18.

There's a sunsetty version of the aqua finn too, again about 100g, same sort of weight, same price. Must find its picture!

Here's 65g of handspun neutral coloured corridale/merino yarn, about 100m, say a 5mm needle, dyed with jewel tones:

AU $7

Overdyed dark brown corriedale - deep burgundy. Very soft and should be a great yarn to knit. 140m, 115g, say a 5mm needle (swatch to test this!):

AU $12
(There should be two skeins of this - if you are interested get me to check!)

OK, gotta go completely redo my handspun page from scratch. Grrr! All I did was open up another page in the editor and it totally overwrote the first page!

Oh, for those who are wondering, no news at present on the move. Just as well cos after this cold I am a week behind where I need to be.



  1. I was feeling home sick watching the Vic Tourism ad, and then to read your blog with the old Franco line......ha, what a blast from the past!!! Foot is grey!!!!

    Good luck with the sale, and hope the cold clears up quick smart!

  2. Pooey on your editor. Hate it when that happens. Glad Nathan's doing better!


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