what's wrong with me?

G'day all!

Today I have been feeling urges to dress up like a girl instead of a slob.

What is wrong with me???

I want to have nice hair and a nice dress or skirt (and top) on, something 40s or 50s-ish, cute shoes, etc. (Note to self - am not wearing 1950s underwear in search of "the look.")

I think I can blame Am for showing off her pins last night. She has good legs, good lot of muscle on them and curvy, not like these "models" with their stick thin things that look like twigs. I have nice curvy legs too - my mother's legs - heck, she's dead she doesn't need them! So why do I hide them?

Also a couple of the girls showed up to craft night wearing their corsets. E's was especially impressive as she already has a goodly big front porch and my goodness in that corset! I found it a little confronting actually. Big boosages have that effect on me - they scare me. I do not have a big boosage, and remain thankful for small mercies (so to speak).

So how am I dressed? In a 15 yo long sleeve tee that has seen much better days (even since earlier today before I was forced to blow my nose on it - either that or have an enormous booger hanging out of it - yes I used the inside....), bike nicks under shabby yoga pants and my $200 runners that look like I got them out of the ragbag. OK, I've just ridden to Monash and back, so I would not be dressed to the nines, but still....

I'll have another week of slobbing around cos we are in WA next week. That is on the other side of the continent and will be a holiday for me and a job for Nathan. Then I need to get a hair cut and get a (real) job. I am actually starting to think a job/temping might not be so bad - at least I wouldn't think I was wasting my time at home.

The final Knitty sock is done. That makes 5 of a possible 6 socks from the most recent Knitty, and 3 of the rest from the older Knitties. Two socks I had already knitted before I began this madness a month ago. I might reveal the final sock tomorrow but might not too cos the photo shoot and compilation may take a long time. I only have tomorrow to get the pics right and gimped into their final forms. Plus I have to get my slides for my talk done tonight at a friend's house cos they want them in proprietory software form, grr.

Pictures? You want pictures? You will have to wait! I have to get the outline of the talk in shape and email it to myself and copy it to my brand new USB stick that I got just for being a member of an association. Cool, huh? I also have to cook dinner and visit the inlaws, all in the next two hours. Don't ask me why I am blogging.

You something that sucks about being unemployed and also having too much crap stash that you don't want? I can't buy more yarn (except the stuff I bought today that was on special that I am testing to see if it will dye up - it is 50:50 natural fibre/acrylic. So far so good). I must destash. I have sorted out the yarn to go and the yarn to keep, so another thing to do once I am back is get it onto ebay. It will be excellent for scrumbling. Why does it suck that I am unemployed and can't buy yarn? I don't get any parcels from (not so) exotic lands. I love getting parcels....

Time to go make an early dinner. Then I have to finish this outline, get some self-striping yarn out of the dye pot and drive 20 minutes to visit the in laws, then another 20 minutes to get the talk slides done, two hours there (max, I hope but I am going to have to wrangle po-erpoint, so wish me luck) and then home to bed!



  1. You're awfully busy for someone who's not working!! :)

  2. Take more naps :) Keep looking, you'll find the perfect job eventually!

  3. I can completely relate. Sometimes I feel like I just want to dress up and be girly because most of the time I'm just in jeans and a t-shirt.

  4. Well, at least that outfit does sound comfy! I wish I was dressed that way myself, now that I think of it.

  5. Sounds terribly comfy - except for the part about cycling to Monash and back (far too much fitness going on there)....I reckon the need to be girly strikes every now and then....you could always go Op shopping and see what treasures you can uncover.

  6. Sometimes I like being girly as I usually wear jeans or trousers and a top all the time - that's what I get for working somewhere I have to crawl under people's desks!

  7. I know why you've gone all Doris Day, it's springtime! That whiff of spring sunshine makes us all want to frock up.


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