Boyth day

G'day all!

It's DH's birthday today - he turns mumble, but not the same sort of *mumble* that I'll be turning soon! No, he's a baby and isn't even 3/4 of the way to *mumble*!!!!

It is a be-yoo-ti-ful day here today. We've had some rotten cold weather, but today is tshirt weather (except if you are one of the weird people walking around Oakleigh who are in their raincoats and their woollies).

So here's some Saturday sky just after the early morning fog cleared:

And some self-striping yarn I dyed up.

It's all skeined up now and ready to go. It will self stripe in socks, beanies, gloves/mittens and clothes for small children, but the stripes will be pretty skinny on adult sized clothing. There's 2 X 100g skeins there in what we call an 8ply, Brits call DK and Mericans call sorta worsted, and over 200 yards of wool in each skein. The wool I'd say is corriedale, nto merino, but it is Aussie wool. If you like skeins and covet them, I'll sell them for AUD 20each or AUD35 for the pair, plus postage. (That's about 8 quid each, or USD15 each.)

OK, time to go take DH for a drive to one of our favourite plant nurseries, Kuranga. I really must get my new yarn page up to help pay for extravagances like new plants.... Hopefully the temping will start up soon and I'll get a bit of money coming in. Otherwise things are going to get dire.



  1. Happy Birthday to Hubby!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your hub! So when's yours then?

  3. Wow! That is some bright self-striping yarn! Happy birthday to your hubby!

  4. Happy Birthday Nathan!! Hope you both have a lovely day.

    I likeses the yarn, we might be able to do a deal there :-)

  5. Happy belated birthdy to Nathan!

    Wow, that yarn is bright! We did some more dyeing yesterday ourselves...

  6. Absolutely beautiful yarn! Hopefully someday I will get the knack for dyeing. And I hope the birthday celebration was wonderful.


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