In search of laceweight

G'day all!

What is this mad obsession with lace? Knitted lace or lace knitting depending on which version you do (one involves lace stitches every row, the other doesn't. Eunny explains all - do I really need to link Eunny's blog?).

Why am I in a lace yarn swap?

Why am I spinning 20-30g batches of my new fleeces up in search of the right fleece to spin up nice and fine?

Polwarth, merino (the silver spotty fleece) and hmm, what is the brown one - a merino/corrie cross, the scurfy, disappointing fleece.

They weren't fine enough.

Then came this:

an almost black corriedale fleece from Andyle. Heavenly! Nice and long, spins up dreamily....

(Gosh I am white! Yes I am white but I see so many black people and Asians around here that I sometimes sorta forget that I pretty much glow in the dark. My hair isn't really that white though - it caught the sun a beauty)

Plus one lot of yarn is still relaxing on the bobbin.

(Ah, a little update about the guild and volunteering - even once a year is ok. I talked to the ladies last week and they seemed a little taken aback that people do work and may not have much opportunity to volunteer. Also it is hard for country members to volunteer.)

Today I leave you with a pretty view of Merri Creek near Rushall Station. I went for a nice walk there last week whilst visiting Silly Yaks (for my GF/DF apple scroll treat!) and the guild. I love cameras that just leave that little bit of blur cos you can't see the weeds growing rank by the water - they just look like nice greenery :-)



  1. I sent my lace swap parcel to the US today.
    I hate the cost of airmail postage.
    But, i had great fun assembling the parcel

  2. The fleeces are spinning up beautifully.

    Not everyone can volunteer. It's not only the people who work that don't get the time. It's also the mums with young children.

    It sounds like the guild needs to arrive in the 21st century.


  3. You have a lucky swap partner!

  4. Lace is the new (whatever the last thing was)! Rather into it myself at the moment. The swap sounds fun.

  5. Oooooo. Homesick groan! Sillyaks! Miss that place something chronic. Last week my fella was in Albury and Sillyaks send their pies to a health food shop there. I have sitting in my freezer half a dozen pies which I'm trying to make last for 6 weeks. Nothing like watching the footy with a pie in hand : )


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