Spot the ACKrylic

G'day all!

I am still catching up on stuff from before we went away, and now work-related stuff is catching up on me too. I have to go see another temping agency tomorrow morning. They didn't seem as organised as the first lot and the consultant's phone kept dropping out even though I am fairly sure it was a landline. I guess her phone is cactus. (Ooops, I've now been. She is a lot more relaxed than the first consultant I saw at another place, but not only are their phones playing up, so is their computer system - some virus has gotten in. Maybe my old linx box is annoying but it is never annoying cos it has a virus... just cos it is annoying ;-)

Anyway, I did a little dyeing of some cheap yarn from Scroaties before I left. Can you spot the acrylic content?

This tape type yarn obviously has a strip of acrylic running across it. I reckon it adds to the effect. See how many colours there are in that bit of merino tape?

Compare and contrast with the 50:50 wool/acrylic and 50:50 mohair:acrylic:

All three balls of yarn were done in the same dyepot with the same technique at the same time. I spattered mauves onto the yarns and see how different they are! The tape slurped up colour, the 50% blends were a little more indifferent. The core of the mohair blend is obviously acrylic - you can only dye acrylic in the vat as it is being spun out, or so I am told. Acid dyes definately do not work on it - above is proof of that!

Weird, huh?

Argh, forgot to ask you all to go wish Sknitty a happy birthday.... better late than never? She's being coy and has not mentioned it....

I am in an odd state at present, flip-flopping between being excited about possibly getting some work and earning money (MONEY!) and not wanting to work. I've been trying to get my style sheet working for my yarn sales page (it will have paypal for O/S payments (and oz ones too if really necessary)) and that is enough to get anyone wanting to go back to work. Can you believe the W3C tutorials forgot to tell me that I need to put a semi-colon between the things that define the style I am trying to develop for my background or my text, etc? The W3C tutes are THE things to refer to and even they can't get it right! The background pic still won't load - that must be something to do with the path.

I'm also getting the pics together from WA to put up on a little website. Maybe I should practise my CSS skills on those pages too. There are too many pics yet to show off to put on the blog.

Knitting? Well I haven't knitted any socks since FRIDAY! I've done all of the increases on the sleeves for a jacket I started hmm, 6 weeks ago? Now I just have to finish the sleeves and do the one piece fronts and back for it. Not much to go! No!

Heh. Nathan is getting all excited about the idea of having chooks. I hope he realises that I want young pullets and they will take a few months before they start laying. I want my chooks to recognise me (and him), and I figure the best chance for that is get em young and gentle them. Not that we have a fox-proof place to keep them, or know what breeds to get anyway.



  1. I have all this wool sitting in vinegar and bugger me,the gaywool was different in the instructions than I thought....Now I have to work out a way to dye it the colour way I wanted(stripes in mushroooom,raspberrry with a little of a another colout I have yet to determine...the saga continues....

    PS love the acrylic effect!

  2. Don't worry about your chooks needing to know you from a young age - the chooks that are most affectionate with us came as grown ups. It's all about spending time with them, and hand feeding. Grace (Slick) came from a cruelty situation, but she will eat from my hand and sometimes sits on my feet. The crazy bantams that have been with us for much longer won't have anything to do with us. And the chook that fell off the meat truck wants to trust us, but isn't quite sure :)

    Good Luck !

  3. Oh yes, I'm Sooooooo coy :) I don't know - I guess I don't like to bring attention to myself?

    THANK YOU for the wonderful birthday wishes!

  4. If you need a hand with the CSS let me know, I'm not an expert (I only use it for formatting not layout so far) but I have a nice book I can look stuff up in too :-D

    I like all the purples and mauves from the dyepot!

    Can you let me know the total on the yarn when you have a moment (not nagging!). Good luck with the work stuff :-)

  5. Good luck with the job. I hope your chooks bond well with you. Some do some don't.

    I kind of like the effect you got with your acrylic blend.

  6. What a wonderful effect you got with your dying and I luuuuuuv the purples.

    Good luck on the job hunting.


  7. Even with the acrylic in it, they look good!

  8. Chooks! I'm excited too!

  9. Anonymous1:01 pm

    There's a small packet on it's way to you. It's going as letter mail so I'm hoping it gets there sooner than your Lace Swap package.

    Lace Swap Pal

  10. Chooks are chickens, I'm assuming??

    Lovely dye effects you got!


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