Home again home again, jiggety jig!

G'day all!

Home again. Very odd. Merredin is suddenly just a dream.

Isn't it amazing how you get in this tin can and hurtle across the sky for an hour or two or four or 20-odd and suddenly you are Someplace Else?

OK, Perth isn't terribly Someplace Else, cos it is Australia, but it isn't the same as Melbourne. The WA wheatbelt isn't terribly different to the Victorian/SA wheatbelt, but it is different. Of course the longer you sit in the tin can, the more different the place yet similar. That's the funny thing about flying to the US or the UK - it is subtly wrong there. The houses are wrong, the sun is wrong, your inbuilt direction-sense is wrong, in the USA all of your ideas about what way to watch for traffic are wrong (cos you guys drive ont he wrong side of the road! Worng I tell you!), etc, etc.

Crikey. You want photos? We landed less than 10 hours ago and I am only up now because the cat whinged madly and wouldn't let me sleep past 8am... (the cats were rather frightened by us at frst and then Cheshire suddenly started purring madly - my humans are home! Nut took a bit longer.) There's a two hour time difference between Melbourne and Perth, and I feel like there is a four hour difference at present. Surely it can't be light yet?

You'll have to wait for the photos cos I have to find the camera and the cable, and we have to download photos off the laptop (which probably means my link to the outside world will disappear for a while). Plus I have probably a thousands shots of things, and I am sure noone wants to see all of them, so I need to pick out the highlights.

Now I have to catch up on more than a week of everyone's posts! Eeek, and some of you have gone berserk it seems.....



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  2. I feel the same way about just driving to the other end of the island!! Where is this place? What are these strange streets? What are they wearing??
    Oh yes they do drive on the wrong side of the road!!!!
    Hope you have a good rest and recover from the jet lag!!!!!

  3. Welcome back! And yes, we want photos now!

  4. Good to be reading your crazy commentary on life again. I agree with your comments on flying to new places. Maybe it's because it doesn't take long that it becomes a bit disorientating. In the olden days (even before I was born!) travel took so long that one had time to acclimatize to differences.
    I also agree that in the US they certainly do drive on the wrong side of the road.


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