Well almost once a week....

G'day all!

I've sort of missed boring people with a post a day.

Frosty violas!

What's happened recently?

Frost flowers on my car

Welllll....  I am not whinging about the terrible weather because the weather hasn't been terrible.  Whilst places around and west of the Rockies have been getting snow, we've been getting very chilly nights (down to -3C!) and sunny but very cool days.  I think I prefer frosts and sunny days to manky greyness, even if the sunny days involve getting up to 6C at best and me being cold a whole lot.

I've been trying to get out and walk every day but I've failed these last two days due to having to run around after DH.  He didn't get his licence when we first moved here and it is becoming a problem with getting (or more keeping) car insurance.

Golden leaves

So Tuesday we went to get his learner permit equivalent but couldn't cos the Department of Licensing was shut, then yesterday we went back (including driving all the way up to Lynnwood) and got that bit of paper and he sat the written test. 

And today?  Today he did the driving test.

Big guy, small car.  NB driving school car.

Tomorrow we go to get him a driver licence.  He passed the test!  Yay!  This means we should be able to get and keep insurance unless something really bad happens.

Silly prunus!  It flowers in autumn, winter and spring!

Alas this means driving to Lynnwood again.  Now you would think I would like Lynnwood cos of the name but driving along Aurora Ave/highway 99 is umm, icky to be frank.  The road is wide and a 40 or a 45 mph zone, so it sounds quite inviting.

Still enjoying the leaves that are left
Trees are dropping their leaves rapidly in the freezing temps

Lots of water being released at the locks/weir

But there's traffic lights that seem designed to stop the traffic as much as they can, there's roadworks that make part of it are so choppy that you wonder if you'll rip the tyres apart and then there's the shops along the side of the road.  Oh, a pawn shop followed by a gun shop followed by a teriyaki chicken (plus sushi!) place followed by a vape shop followed by a smokes shop followed by a gun shop and a sushi place and oh another pawn shop...  Much of it doesn't feel very inviting and indeed feels rather down market.

Commercial fishing boats use the locks all the time.
There's a fishing port just up the channel

I might just check the traffic and see if we can't zip up I5 instead.  Or maybe we can go to the closer office and get the licence there - the internetz tells me they don't do testing but they do issue licences.

Great sunset just before the skies cleared

Yay!  The internetz for the win!

Fallen leaves

I had a lovely party on Sunday, so sorry most of you could not make it!  DH slaved to get the garage ready, then realised that we did have to clean up the house somewhat - after all, we don't have a loo in the garage (and if we did, it would be a little more open than most people would expect as the garage is all one room).  One of our friends came round and helped DH move stuff around to open up the floor and make things nice - thanks, L!

Ribs require fingers and a lot of serviettes/napkins

I did a whole bunch of cooking - ribs, a chicken, ran around and got bits and pieces, made brownies and a pink lamington cake.  Oh how I love pink lamingtons (gluten- and dairy-free of course!).  If only I knew how to make the amazing gluten- and dairy-free creme patisserie that Uncle Rick's used to make in Oz before they sold their business and disappeared....  I'd certainly be a lot more rounded because I'd just eat pink lamingtons with this amazing creme patisserie all day long!  And I tend to prefer salty/savoury things over sweet.  A friend brought a yummy potato salad and with some salad greens, we had ourselves a meal and a half!

Cake!  candles!  It must've been a birthday party!
(And ladies, AFAIK, cake guy is available!)

Anyway, of course by the time the party rolled around, I was pooped!  (and that is pooped in the Oz sense of being tired, not being pooped on.)  But it was still lovely to see people and eat nommy ribs and chat and catch up a bit with some of them.

And I may have had a small incident at the local knitting conference.  I knew I wouldn't have time to do a class there but I did wander up and have a look at the marketplace.  There was lots of yummy squishy yarn.  Some of it may have followed me home.  I may even be knitting with some of it, cos why would I want to knit with the old stuff, even though I want to finish my Stripes Gone Crazy cardie.

Noone saw me smuggle this yarn home.

I finished another baby cardie, with more of the yarn I dyed a couple of months ago.

Pretty pleased with how the dyeing worked out

And I've even done some spinning!

Colour is a bit off, less green

Then a good friend from Sydney visited Seattle this week so we caught up with her a bit.  Okay, we hogged her for three nights out of five.  That was excellent.

The foul and horrible things we do to visitors,
like take them to lookouts such as this

Hmm, not much else has been happening.  I think I've discharged my duties for the nominating committee for the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild since we had the AGM on Wednesday.  Now I just have to do things for the quilt show that is coming up at Island Quilter - I have to design an info poster.  Better get out the book work bought me on graphic design.  I want it to be informative and nice!  And I might look at my book on infographics too.

Okley dokley, that's your bloomin' lot for the mo,



  1. Lovely weather photos. Congrats to DH for getting his license. Shame the licence place area is a bit dodgy. Your party sounds really fun. Yay for pink lamingtons. Cake man is rather dishy, and you always get the coolest yarns!!

  2. Yay for the passing of the driving test!!!! I am glad you are just pooped and not 'pooped'!


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