Darkness falls

G'day all!

Another manky day in Seattle.  We didn't get much rain but we certainly got plenty of cloud!

The sun is somewhere out there!

This date is a public holiday in my home city and I may have decided to take it as such.  I don't get American holidays and I have a lot of cleaning and tidying to do.

And it is a good thing that I am cleaning and tidying because I found that we have a teensy infestation of carpet beetles.  Interestingly, we don't have any carpet, just a few small cotton rugs and no rugs near where I found the only infestation that I've seen so far, just some dust bunnies, neglected paperwork and some escaped yarn.  As I continue cleaning things out, I'll keep checking for more unwanted house guests.  I'm fairly sure that my stash is okay as I haven't seen anything in the yarn I've been playing with and re-organising recently.

You know the flower people at the market
are running out of flowers when
they start using ornamental kale...

I guess I'll be very careful with the vacuuming over the next while.

Paint dots on the laundry wall

In clearing out the laundry of its shelves and tools, (well sorta clearing it out as it now is refilling with homeless bits and bobs), I discovered that a paint tray had managed, unnoticed, to dribble on the floor waaay back when I painted the bedroom.   (The paint tray lived in the laundry overnight as I have the most amazing ability to put my foot in paint trays even if they are not on the floor and the laundry is out of the way and not a place I am likely to wander into in the dark.)   Much to my surprise, the paint had not bonded with the vinyl flooring - I thought it might stick very well - but peeled straight off.  Now I want to pour paint on the floor and wait for it to dry then stick the resulting blobs on the wall.

Rain in the last 48 hours or so

The garage saga continues.  In the last few days, we've fixed both the windows, covered over the second last gap in the internal sheathing, done the last bits of taping and mudding (okay there is one spot yet to be done but it has an ugly inch wide gap in it = too big for mudding) and put the bead board most of the way along one wall.

Half nekkid wall
Between this and getting a whole heap of stuff out of the house, it feels like we are really starting to make some progress.  Yay us!

Don't look too closely at the corner

Now I have to go around and paint things again to cover over the paint that covers over the bleed through from the OSB and we will be closer to finishing.  Still got plenty to do (like shingling and trim and the floor and the gutter and the door and the apron/entry to the garage) but it is getting much closer.

I've now managed to blog every day minus a couple for four weeks or so, yay me.  I might back off a bit but I've at least gotten into the habit of it again.  I've also got various projects on the go so I have something to talk about!



  1. Wouldn't it be great if you could knit the clouds. I can see how it would be very tempting to make lots of paint splodges!


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