Oh evil, evil place of enticement

G'day all!

Today we made a little more progress on the garage.

Very small SUV with lots of plywood for attic cat walk
DH was hell-bent on getting a "catwalk" done in the attic-space but I insisted that on the only guaranteed dry day of the next week, we would hang the gutter on the garage roof.  (We have two gutters to hang but we started with the one that is more of an issue.)

Yay!  One gutter.  We are yet to fix the downspout - it is currently held in place by an upturned bucket and a chunk of concrete- but it will eventually feed into a water tank or cistern as they are known hereabouts.

The car park was almost pretty!
We had to go to Limback Lumber (for contents of the car), Lowe's (for more colour changing ceiling white cos if I am going to be painting stuff, I want to have fun whilst doing so and having pale mauve wet paint helps me see where I've been so I don't keep doing the same spots over and over) and then to Home Despot for a new filter for the shop vac (that isn't a Shop Vac).  The trees at HD were amazing!  Pity we didn't get any sun to show their redness off better.


We also fixed up the big window, which is actually a triple glazed door.  Because it is a door, it doesn't have the usual window frame around it, so DH had to get inventive with fitting it.  Some L shaped aluminium, then insulation all round and trim on inside and out will make it look like a bought one!

Shingles are next, then trim, then paint!

Squirting compressed air at me
But today's major excitement was a trip to one of our favourite places.

Starts with I.

Ends with a New Zealand parrot that has a particular fascination for the rubber trim on cars.

I had thought IKEA had lost it a bit two or three years ago but oh my, tonight, I wanted wanted wanted half the things I saw.   Oh that fabric, and that one and that one and and and and!  Oh that bed linen and this one and this one and this one and this one!  (Yes, very odd, me wanting some effectively black and white stuff but I'd actually use the fabric in quilts or I'd get fabric textas and colour it in ;-)  Oh that bedside table!  Oh, look at these nifty wardrobe things!  And that table!  And that set of shelving!  And that set of drawers!  And those lights!  And those lights!  And hey, that would be a good basin for the bathroom when we fix it up and I like that tap!

Just as well that we were only there to get some plastic tubs (new stash management - boxes are smaller and I should be able to lift them plus they fit three to a shelf rather than one and most of a second one if you jiggle them just so) and mostly managed to stay to that, along with the death star light in turquoise, though it looks green to us.  (Thanks, SiL, for putting us onto it!).  We also had dinner there, which turned out to cost us nothing after we dropped well over a hundred bucks there - that was part of the deal they have at the moment.  It worked for us, though we didn't know about it.  Plus we were the second or third last to be served before they shut the cafeteria!

So an excellent time was had at IKEA.  We've got even more ideas about what to do where in the house.  Pity I forgot my phone - I had it in my other pants.  It could've told me how many steps I took there.  I think it would get me about three or four thousand.

I have the feeling we will be going back before Christmas, after the garage is finished.  (Oh bliss, oh joy, the garage creeps towards completion!)



  1. You will have the best garage ever when it's finished. I really want to go to ikea to get a few things but I know when I do ill see lots of other goodies. Oh the fabrics!!


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