Soon the dawn of a new age

G'day all!

Today (well yesterday by the time you read this and maybe two days ago or more for some!) was the last day of my current age.

One plant, old flowers and new!

Tomorrow I am a year older.  I am already a year older in most parts of the world, but not here on the west coast of the USA.  Nope, not yet.

The last year has been an interesting one.  On my birthday last year, we got confirmation that our offer for this house had been successful.  There's been lots of fun times and lots of omg, why did we buy the house times too.

So many puffballs.  Wonder what they
are growing on?

But I am much happier here than I was in the apartment.  For starters, I can paint the walls whatever colour I like (so we have different colours and break all the rules of painting small houses).  I have a garden.  I have so many things to do that I can't keep up with them.

Friends and family have had babies.  Old friends have reappeared in my life.  We have part time access to a cat, which has entertained us greatly.

Running late, chryssie!

Things have changed.  It has been a year of flux and I'm hoping this coming year will be a bit more settled.

Today we did a bit of work in the garage and got the final two sets of shelves out of the house.  (yes, there is a fair bit of stuff that still needs to be sorted through, boxed up if necessary and moved out to the garage but my word what a difference it makes!)

See this?

You see mess but I see a massive, open laundry that doesn't have two large sets of shelves in it.  I'll tidy up the mess over the next day or two or three.

Shelves, with wood frames around
them so we can put doors on them

Instead, the shelves are in the garage and now have stash on them.  DH has his own stash, btw, it isn't just mine.

This means we can bring the boxes that a friend has been storing for us for umm, most of the last year (blush - so much for two or three months!) down and start sorting them out and getting them in the garage too!  And when we've fixed up the wardrobes (built ins, aka closets in the US), some stash will live inside.

A sample of our stashes

After an afternoon of helping with garage stuff and repacking stash into the new tubs (6 gallons, from IKEA) and moving the boxes out to the garage, I'm knackered.  I'm also extra pleased.  The old 60L tubs were too heavy for me to lift when they were full of fabric, but I can easily manage one tub and was not too challenged by lifting two tubs at a time.  Yay!  This means not having to get DH to lift fabric tubs down for me.  Now I can work my way through my stash more easily to find what I want to find and also get rid of fabric I'll never use.

I've decided that I shall do as I please on my birthday.  This probably means I will spend some time cleaning up because ARGH!  We have stuff everywhere!  It is pretty much guaranteed to rain, sigh, as always on my birthday.  DH promises me yummy slow cooked pork spare ribs for dinner.  We've worked out how to make them ever so tender.  It is so very easy - you just cook them on a very low temperature for four or five hours.  They come out so very yummy!

This yarn is itching to be cast on.
But it isn't itchy yarn!

I think I will cast on another baby cardigan.  This time instead of mostly blue/violet, I will have the body be the paler speckled yarn.  Then I can distribute them to the new babies and noone will feel left out, and I will have reduced my stash by just a little bit and hopefully spread some happiness around :-)



  1. A super Happy birthday for tomorrow or today. I like the way you are going to do whatever you like! The tubs look great, very organised and an easy system to use. Slow cooking is the best, I love it in winter to warm up the house and then there's yummy dinner to eat.


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