I hate my left foot

G'day all!

Actually, I lie.  I only apparently hate my left foot.  I really very much like my left foot.  It is very handy to walk on a foot.  (Two feet are even better as long as they are shared equally between my two legs.)  My left foot is more shapely than my right foot.  It is even more shapely at the moment, after I viciously brutalised it on the locking wheel of the chiro couch yesterday and then whanged two toes on the edge of the shower today after tangling in the shower curtain (why yes, I am talented!).  It is also prettier colours than my right foot.

But I can walk and run on it so the damage is fairly cosmetic I think.  I hope.  I wonder if I will damage it a third time later today or tomorrow?

I have been crafting!  Will miracles ever cease?

When the going gets tough, the tough get knitting.  I had been avoiding knitting cos I thought it was making my lymphoedema worse.  Well if I am wearing my compressive sleeve, yes it does.  But if I don't wear the sleeve?    Also the puffy hand I've had trouble with is slowly de-puffing and is much happier if I don't wear the sleeve.

So, I have knitted a top out of yarn I bought in California and knitted two fronts and a little bit of the back of a new cardigan.  I'm too stupid to have taken pics yet and the weather is lousy.  At least it seems to have stopped raining now - it's rained almost non-stop since Monday afternoon (it is Thursday afternoon here) and I'm getting a little over it.  I do have a little sneak peek of the cardie though:
(picot edge, backing done in left over sock yarn!)

Knitting is relatively easy to get pics of in the wild, unlike quilt tops....

The tough also start cutting into favourite quilt material and making quilt tops.  I've made three tops in the last four weeks or so.  One quilt top is rather lurid but I think will be liked by a small girl who is into rainbow colours and brights (not me!  I am a big girl!)

and the other quilt top is a little more tasteful:

Do you like the sneak peaks and their artful perspective shots?  Alas the only times I have had a chance to get pics have been on windy days.  If it is still, it has been raining recently.  Summer in Sydney is like that (though it hasn't been very summery these last couple of days - it's been cold and wet).  Sydney is subtropical, almost, and gets scads of rain in summer but also gets cool changes with rain from the south.  It gets the worst of both worlds - summer humidity and all year round cool changes.

We had the cops at our block of flats on Sunday night.  I think it was Sunday.  I didn't notice at all.  I was sound asleep as someone's ex came by and made a helluva ruckus, banging on doors, yelling, etc.  I stayed sound asleep as the cops showed up and I remained sound asleep as he was dragged away.  I think I deserve a medal for being a champion sleeper.

Dangnabbit, I just broke the second last of my favourite plates, exactly the same way as the third last of my favourite plates, by putting it on the cooktop and not realising I had turned on the element under the plate rather than the element I wanted to turn on.  I hate electric stoves.  At least gas warns me when I do something stupid....



  1. Ouch! Or something a bit stronger. Hope the foot heals well and quickly.

    I've been in this place for seven months now and have a gas stove. Once I left the smallest jet on turned extremely low. So low I couldn't see it in the daylight but only in the dark when I came into kitchen hours later.

    I like the colours in both the knitting and the quilts.

  2. It never rains but it pours on your poor foot. I think it is the Domino Principle: your foot is hurt once and so you protect it and somehow it makes it more vulnerable.
    Oh sneak peek cardi looks interesting, as do the quilts. I must admit I like the second one: I must be a big girl. We haven't had police but we have had chain saw and grinding metal,noises as people do renos. Bah humbug.

  3. gorgeous quilts ! so pretty , hope your foot gets better x

  4. You have been busy!! Both of your quilt tops are so fun and yes I like the blowing in the wind shots. I can't imagine sleeping a ruckus like that, i wake up at the drop of a pin.


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