Hooray for a domestic

G'day all!

We are in sunny melbourne and within ten minutes of ferrying off the plane had a domestic.

I very clearly said I was intending to go to the loo, which I did.  Nathan headed that way too, only to the men's.

He disappeared.  I waited for the luggage, cos I wasn't leaving that behind and I thought he was in the loo still.

I could see there was a bus about to leave and I now had the luggage, but still no nathan.  I was waiting inside.  I hear my name, and nathan is outside. He had been buying tickets for the bus. I already had tickets for the bus.

We missed the bus. We had a domestic.

He expected me to just know that he was buying tickets.  Cos I am psychic, doncha know.

I thought he was still in the loo. After all we do have those sorts of days once in a while.

So now he is all huffy and stalked off because I'm not a mind reader. Yes he was doing a good thing but if he had said I'll go get tickets, if he had communicated with me, we wouldn't have a rather public row. And we'd be at the railway station by now.

And sniffle, my scissors were in my handbag and now I've lost them cos security took them away, and they were the best little scissors I ever had.



  1. Bah humbug. How annoying to lose your best and favourite scissors that way.
    Ah, yes, obviously you should have know what he was doing!! While you're at it, could you please know tonight's Tattslotto numbers???

  2. Oh dear never mind we all have days like these,last time in Perth DH got upset as he thought we were going to miss the plane home,I knew we had enough time and was determined to get some shopping down first and meet up with a mate for a cuppa,as it were we made the plane witnh anhour to spare,pff Men!

  3. I have never heard the term "domestic" for a spousal fight before. Having such a cool aussie term for it almost makes me want to start another one up with DH right now. Almost... :)


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