G'day all!

Sydney has pulled out a stinker today - 38C!  No wonder I am feeling a little hot under the collar, even though I am not wearing a collar....

I've been a bit quiet recently.  I've got a lot on my plate currently - travel last week, a whole of of disruption coming up that I cannot yet talk about.  Keeping secrets is so blah, at least this sort of secret.  Of course it might not happen either, so it makes it even More Mysterious!

(There's a few hundred of my "close personal friends" there.  The way people put themselves into other peoples' pictures indicated an intimacy unknown to the photographer.)

On the weekend, we went to Bondi to see Sculpture by the Sea.  We and about 5,000 other people.  I think I under-exaggerate.   There were people EVERYWHERE.


We saw some really nice sculptures and some that I rather wondered the point of.  I appear not to be into avant garde sculpture.  And some were "affordable" if you like that sort of thing and think $5,500  and upwards into the hundreds of thousands of dollars is "affordable."

But I am still editing the pics.  There are many many many pics, and that is only from the lot I took on my little point and shoot.  Nathan took hundreds on the dSLR, all HDR.   I'll get some more pics on Flickr soon.  I have a little preview on my Google + account.   I am putting little bits and pieces on that when I want to link to something quickly.

(that is a lot of green - green = algae = lots of yummies in the water.)

Bondi beach still whiffs at the end where it goes into the cliffs - it might be a stormwater drain empties there.    Apparently the sewage outfall got moved further out to sea, making your chances of meeting a Bondi cigar lower.   Bondi has long had a reputation for floaters and sinkers.  I could never work out which is worse - the horror you can see floating?  Or the one lurking on the sea floor, waiting to be squished between unsuspecting toes?

(Can you blame that bloke for standing on his surfboard?  He doesn't want to touch the water.  He knows what lurks just under the surface....)

(Ah, the forecast cool change has swept through.  Hooray!  It was only about 5 hours late.  And we had one of The Best Sunsets Evah tonight but I was at the swimming pool and did not have a camera.... sigh.  Egads, I am getting to know more about my neighbours than I'd like too.  Everyone's windows are open and some folks are getting quite umm close if you get my drift....)


Bondi is a fave place for tourists to hang out.  It does have a lot of places selling food, drink/grog, surfwear and bathers.  Like LOTs of bathers (togs, swimwear, cossies, bathing costumes, swimming trunks (men), etc).  Did we buy some more bathers?  Umm, that would be a yes....

The beach itself does look pretty.  It is also a good spot to go perv at some nice bods.  It isn't really my place - I refuse to try to suntan and umm, well the old bod looks best in a 50s number these days.  Something with lots of structure and not eensy weensy strings.




  1. Thanks for the pictures of the sculptures. That may be as close as I get to them, although I've been considering a weekday visit rather than weekend.

    I had to go to city yesterday and was coming home by 461 bus in mid-afternnon. No real benefit from the air-con in the old bus. We reached Bunnings on the main road and front doors would not close. Driver tried a few things with no success and bus would not go with doors open. We all piled out, into the shade from a shop awning. Now I live possibly 10 minutes or less walk down the road from there.

    I contemplated walking although there's no shade at all in that distance. Stepped out and back again. Walked to Bunning side of road and found a cab. Cost $6.50 to get home, charge being mostly flag fall from cab. It was extravagant but at least I was home. Yes, it was 38° C here too. Very hot for this area.

  2. Yikes! That's some hot!!

    Like the pics. Didn't know about the Bondi Cigars. We never went near the water, just walked around a bit and caught the next bus "home".

  3. Oh, the unrelenting heat. You poor thing, but still you had a nice time at the beach. There is still sewage going into the water there?? Wow.
    Definitely bathers here, maybe boardies and speedos for men, but bathers for women.
    Lovely pictures of the beach, the people and the sea and algae.

  4. I love the sculpture by the sea but boy oh boy those crowds are full on!!


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