Hooray, another year older

G'day all!

Hmm, maybe I should have given this blog entry the title "Boo, hiss, another year older..."


I am currently very much in two minds about this whole birthday thing.

a) I am very grateful to have managed to reach another birthday.  Five years ago I assumed that I would reach 80-something.  After the fun of the last couple of years, I'm grateful for every birthday I hit in apparently good health.


b) another birthday means I am getting older.  And I already feel like a wrinkly old bag some days, especially next to the lovely young things* that Nathan has as workmates.    Now people say they are not wrinkles, they are experience lines, so oh boy I must be rapidly gaining experience in this game of life!  And I can tell what expressions mainly cross over my face from the patterns that are worn in.  And I'm not fishing for compliments either, cos when people tell me I am beautiful, I know they are fibbing or extrapolating the truth somewhat.  Now if they said I am not bad for an old chook, I would get huffy and say I'm better than not bad and I'm not *that* old, but I know where I sit in the beauty stakes.  And that is fairly and squarely in attractive enough, not pretty nor beautiful nor gorgeous, and for that matter, not plain nor fugly.

(*I like to tease the LYTs - I like to tease people it turns out - but then I think about it and at their age would I have thought it was pretty freaky to have a married old bat teasing me?  Oh you bet your bottom dollar I would!  When I was 19 I though the 23yo who hung out with us was old!  So I can't imagine how old these 25yo kids think I am!  If any of you are one of those kids reading this, sorry, hope I'm not upsetting you!  Though the chiro was extremely flattering yesterday, bless his cotton socks.  He is also a kid.  And I called his flattery.  Anyway, I can't imagine what I'll be like if I manage to get to 80 or 90... I'll be outrageous!)


Speaking of beauty stakes, I haven't shown off my hair.  I think I will have to go bottle blonde.  Am sick of having dark blonde hair with red lights in it.  I got some blocks of hair bleached out last week and then had magenta dyed into it.  The magenta is pretty but I really liked the bleached look.  It made my face look so much lighter and brighter.  Apparently I am meant to be bright, light blonde.  Who knew?


We went for a lovely walk in Ku-Ring-Gai Chase national park on the weekend and the pics are from there.  We did the same walk as the whoopsy one we did last time, only in reverse and deliberately, with food and water this time, as well as a stop over at the kiosk in Apple Tree Bay.  My goodness, those 1.5 cans of lemon lime Solo went down a treat!


Alas one of the chaps with us was on call and even though most of the calls are not important, wouldn'cha know it, this time around it was something important.  And even though he had one or two bars on his phone, there was no internet.  Poor thing had to run all the way up the big long hill, only to find crap reception up there too!  It only got better when we got on the train, which you would think would kill connectivity (being a big faraday cage and all).


There is one critter I wish I'd gotten a picture of.  I kid you not, we saw a turtle!  A sea turtle.  It was not very big - not full grown but probably about 40cm across the shell.  It was swimming around in the inlet  (photo above, but not of turtle!) but by the time I'd gotten the lens cap off the camera, etc, it had dived and didn't come up again in my sight.  But I did get pics of a lyrebird:

and a goanna/monitor:

and a skink and bugs of different types.

Birthday party up here is tomorrow.  Then we're off to Melbourne for the weekend, a family thing on Saturday and a party at a friend's place, and then Sunday is either my family or off to a not-really ren fair.  Monday is filming for the training scenario I am working on, then more filming for other stuff on Tuesday and Wednesday, then I fly home (to Sydney).  It is confusing having two homes.



  1. Happy Birthday, I do love your magenta hair, but the rest does look a darker blonde. I remember before it looked blonder.
    I agree, every birthday for me now is a milestone. I am glad to be getting older- not sure how much older I will get, so I'm just happy to be here.
    What a beautiful place to visit, you take great photos!!
    Young people have no idea what 'old' is, mind you either did I when I was young. Youth is wasted on the young.
    Oh, you're a film star!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I say embrace it. Be happy you've got another year to celebrate.

  3. Happy Birthday, Lynne!!

  4. Happy birthday, and just enjoy it, think of it as gaining wisdom!

  5. Happy birthday. Love the photos, especially the bird. We had one at place at Wollombi in Hunter area which was a superb mimic. We wondered once who was out with the chainsaw and having trouble starting it. Lyrebird mimic. Right down to when engine finally caught and roared off.

    And really, which of us can number our days, as the old saying has it?

  6. Happy birthday! I like the pink hair, but I do think blonde would be really good, too!


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