The top that blighted my life, la-la-la-laaa

G'day all!

I am so relieved to have handed over the horrid tangerine top, the top that blighted my life, la-la-la-laaa (now if anyone gets that reference, you had a mother or grandma who liked to listen to old-time singers, or you've had the joy of me having it on the stereo when driving, etc).

See this handful of ends? That was maybe two-thirds of them. There were SO MANY ENDS! Argh. In a cotton blend too, which is never easy to make sure it stays where you want it to.

The result?

Well it is better than I expected but I feel not up to my usual standard. (Can you believe a fly flew past just as the camera took that shot? There's a black blur on my right shoulder/neckline.)

The ladies at the LYS agreed that

the duplicate stitch

looks better than

the intarsia/fair isle method. No surprises there!

The back. Note that it drapes without curving and the frill hits just on the widest part of my hip. So flattering! Thank the gods it isn't for me!

The neckline (excuse the over-exposure *and* blurriness*and* inappropriate undergarment!).

This was not my happiest knitting experience. I found it annoying to knit, difficult to get anywhere near right and indeed I used the sewing machine to zigzag the internal seams to ensure the stitches that I had adjusted did not unadjust themselves. Yes I CHEATED! But really, I had had enough of this blasted top and never want to see it again.

So if you must make Ms Harding's Mathilde, may I suggest DUPLICATE STITCH the design. And don't blame me if you have a gazillion ends to darn in on the ruffle. And either make the top longer or shorter so the ruffle doesn't start right on the hip. And don't blame me if you snag the yarn (if made in the suggested yarn - Albero) a gazillion times whilst duplicate stitching - it seems designed to snag and split. Note that in fairness I have not linked madly around to make this a big hooha, I've just said here that I did not enjoy this knitting experience at all!

That will be the last of my knitty exploits to be blogged for a while. We are off on our trip to Europe shortly. So excited and terrified. A third of one suitcase is food for me, snacks for just in case. Yes there are bio's and reformhauses and things along the way but I am very attached to some of my snacks and don't know if I can get them there. They are tastes from home. I have four skeins of sock yarn, six other random yarns to knit hats and wristers from as gifts for our hosts, and all of the yarn for Nathan's pullover, plus two books with different instructions for making it. And the instructions for the forest canopy shawl, just in case I find something luscious to knit it with. And a range of needles.

And if you have a Eurail Select pass and want to go on anything other than a TGV/connection in France? You need to get a France Pass as well. We thought we'd not go TGV and train down the centre of France from Paris to Toulouse. Welllllll, it turns out you can't do that, you must have a France pass, and we don't. At least it was only USD36 that we blew. DH managed to get onto a customer service place today and bought new tickets. Paris to Bordeaux, Bordeaux to Toulouse. It will be fun! Exciting! Different! Noice!



  1. Well the jumper looks interesting at least, if it had been boring and annoying that would be worse!!

    Hope you have a great trip, sounds like you have a lot of knitting planned.

  2. Unusual!! It looks fine, I like the duplicate stitching best too. I also really like your packing style!! Have a wonderful trip. I am hoping for lots of photos so I can live vicariously through you!!!! Oh, Bon Voyage!!!

  3. It does look interesting and I am looking forward to meeting you in person (I must must shift myself and get the tickets!!)


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