September's FOs

G'day all!

Well the knitting fun never stopped whilst I was away. I got my knit mojo working well and truly! Be warned, this is a pretty big post.

This month I knitted:

  1. 2 pairs of socks
  2. 3 sets of fingerless mitts (two child sized)
  3. a beanie
  4. a cowl
  5. a scarflette
  6. a small shawl
  7. a sleeve of Nathan's pullover
  8. and started a colourwork beret

Alas I forgot to take pics of the beanie (from my handspun, knitted top down with ribbing on 4mm needles) and the fingerless mitts (one adult sized in cashmere, two kid size in handspun).

Plain toe up socks (one with afterthought heel, one with short row heel, both with gussets) knitted in Serenity sockweight yarn by Deborah Norville (50% wool, 25% bamboo, 25% nylon). I used about 80% of the yarn. Note the twiddly bits on the cast off. This yarn is quite soft and didn't irritate my delicate ankles. It cost $3.24 a ball (plus tax). Crikey! I knitted half the first sock on the trip to Neuschwanstein. The second sock was knitted on the trip to Paris and in Paris. Plain socks are so quick to knit!




I need to reknit the afterthought heel and make it shorter - it is too long.


A jaywalker style pair of socks knitted toe up in Sensations Bamboo & Ewe, 55% wool, 30% nylon, 15% bamboo. Not so keen on this yarn - it is a little scratchy feeling, at least before washing and my ankles whinged itchy itchy ITCHY! But most people would think it is fine. The socks are not exactly the same cos I forgot that this sort of chevron pattern pulls the yarn in, making the socks narrow. One is 64 stitches, one is 72 stitches. The 72 is a little more comfy to wear. I knitted up to the gusset of the first sock after casting on in San José airport and waiting waiting waiting for our plane to be fixed and be ready to go.






A recycled cashmere cowl. Lovely and soft, should be good in Swiss winters I hope! Gifted to Z.



A handspun scarflette that still needs buttons (couldn't get to the haberdashery in Sarnen before they shut). Feather and fan, two widthwise repeats of pattern. Gifted to K in hope it will help mitigate Swiss winters.



A handspun shawl based on Forest Canopy by Susan Lawrence, only I forgot to put the edging chart into my carry-on luggage so I made up a new edging (which when I look at the pattern turns out to be fairly much what it should've been). CVM (white) and targhee (blue/mauves). Started on the trip to Toulouse on the tayzhayvay, finished on the flight back from Paris (knitted for approx 12 hours, wanted to nap, finished shawl instead). Currently blocking and has approximately doubled in size from about 60cm x 35cm. I had about 600m of the yarn but have used some for other projects, so I guess there is about 400m in this shawl.



I've become more enamoured of the barber pole effect as I knitted more of the shawl. Now I quite like it and the colour shifts are very pretty.


OK! That brings us up to date with the knitty projects. I have to load them onto ravelry but that will take a while and I've already put up the new stash yarn. Umm, here is a pic of the sock yarn I bought in Germany (and three skeins in Paris, and three gifted by Mrspao - more on that later!)


That is umm, well if I knit one pair of socks a month more than enough sock yarn for a year! To add to the rest of it that is not on Ravelry. I have two reusable bags of yarn stuffed to the brim with sock yarn. I also have some at home that I don't even remember having I am quite sure! Yikes! I had better not lose the sock knitting mojo.



  1. Wow you've been busy. Everything looks great!

  2. Welcome home, glad you had a productive trip.


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