G'day all!

Je suis dans la France!

Or words to that effect. Oh boy, it took some time. I knitted a whole sock (except the toe) in the time it took us to get to Heathrow. Note that we were booked to go direct from the US to Paris. Ahem.

Anyway, before we rush out for a day of touring, I give you:

Nathan, in a little road in the centre of Toulouse, apres "dinner" hier? My French isn't too good.

Anyway, I should put future updates on my rather neglected travel blog.



  1. Sacre Blue!! That's a long wait. Le chat de ma tante est dans le jardin.
    Glad you are there!!!

  2. Bonjour. Have a fab time, as I'm sure you will. At least any delays are made more tolerable by knitting - imagine if you didnt have that!

  3. Bonjour see you soon :)

  4. Yay for you! I've been to France just once and it was great. Love the bread (but that's not your thing, I know).

    Have a wonderful time. I'm jealous.


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