Typhoid Mary

G'day all!

I dunno if I should be called Typhoid Mary or Typhoon Mary.

We had two glorious days when we got here(see in the pic of our area? The whole area is like this - a gazillion condos that are all alike. I kid you not when I say that "you are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike!" Nathan keeps getting lost and it took me a couple of days to work it all out)

one average day and today?

Rain rain rain! Rain ALL DAY!

The Weather Channel is So Excited about it. Los Angeles is terrified as Stuff is Expected to Fall from the Sky! SF is being blown away by the storm front combined with a jet stream. We are just plain soggy here, but at least our condo is on the second floor so we shouldn't be flooded out. (Plus they have fixed our bath overflow we think as there are new screws on the underbath facing, so downstairs is less likely to be flooded, at least by us!)

Plus I have The Plague. DH has a rotten virus, which we think he got from his dad, and he has passed it to me. I've spent the day knitting and blogging and editing pictures, in between snuffling, snorting, coughing, choking and feeling like I've been wrassling with a bear. And watching waaaaay too much cable tv. My brain is totally melted. (I love BBC America. I got to watch people with *absolutely* filthy houses, like YUCK, how can they live like that?, and I got to watch You Are What You Eat. I am almost inspired to dig out our book once we have all our stuff and read it again and do the diet, umm eating plan.) I would show off the knitting if I could but it is so dull here that I've had to have the lights on all day long! Plus one sock should be past the heel I've ripped it back so many times! The yarn is thicker than normal so the sock needs to have fewer stitches than normal but my poor frazzled brain would not accepth that! no, must have 64 stitches, not 54!

This too shall pass, both the cold and the frazzled brain. I hope the tissues hold out! Then I'll be able to go for another walk to the local(ish) Safeway (a mile away) and admire these:

gum trees. Oh be still my beating, homesick heart! Having gum trees will make things here better - they carry me however many thousand km back over the Pacific. Bliss!

On a different note, I've started posting lots of pics on Coloradoan Dreaming. Be warned that there are MANY pictures! Many lots!



  1. Get well soon! I know exactly how you feel as I've had some plague for the last three weeks which I can't seem to shift.

    San Jose looks wonderful.

  2. Anonymous5:26 am

    You do not need sun. Nor do you need to be homesick - 41C on New Year's Eve, and 41.5 the next day. Nearly as much since then. Dry change today, down to 24, but forecast of 39 for Thursday... stay where you are!!!
    Karen S.

  3. I hope you feel better soon!

    CA still has a lot better weather than New England, so please enjoy it. It was 50F here today, but that's rare. Usually we are up to our eyeballs in snow. Not great for cycling!


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