Been knitting

G'day all!

I am feeling much better than I did last week. The cold is mostly gone, just a bit of a cough and a little snuffle now. Odd question - has anyone else ever had skin that feels sunburned even though I haven't been in the sun? The skin on my back was tender in that fever-burny sorta way at the peak of the cold and it is still sore. I am starting to suspect that maybe the shower, yep the shower in the bathroom, is soooooo powerful here that I burned my skin a little (the water temperature varies rapidly and without warning, usually in the hot direction) and the water pressure coming out of the shower is irritating it along with sitting with my back against chairs, etc. It really stings, particularly when I goosebump!

I've been knitting. I've knitted a LOT! I've finished 3.5 socks since when did I last blog? Friday? Thursday? No, Saturday! Crikey! That is a lot of socks!

Alas, because we have had just one day of nice weather since then, I haven't got a single photo of my pretty new socks. Yesterday was nice so I was out and about a little. I even went for a 2.5 mile walk to the local Safeway. Today - 10 minutes of nice and by the time I organised myself to get out to the pool for a photoshoot, it was dull and raining again.

Rain is great and it is needed but I sooo want to show you my socks! I knitted one in a 24 hour period! Honest! OK, it was only a 56 stitch sock on 2.75mm needles but that was quick quick quick! Hmm, if I blogged on Saturday, that means the other sock was finished in record time cos the pair took a day less than I thought they had.

We survived the Great Storm of 2008 (heck, it's 2008 already? Gadzooks I must be getting old!). The Weather Channel was So Excited to have Weather to report. We noticed a bit of weather - rain, rain, rain and some wind. Some of the trees around here noticed more wind than us. The area is nicely landscaped - a bit boring from this plant nut's POV but nicely landscaped and looks lush and everything that the debonaire urbanite would want. The landscapers transplanted some relatively large trees (say 4m/12'). Large trees plus very little root development plus little support plus wind = non-optimal outcome for the tree.

I admit to a flirtation with cable tv. BBC America is better than home and garden tv, which was my previous love. It shows some naughty naughty bad shows. Like "How Clean is Your House?" and "You are What You Eat." The first one, OMG, the first one. My family thought I was a slack housekeeper but really I am not that bad at all. Of course that is not hard to achieve compared to someone who has not cleaned their house in EIGHT years or another person with three indoor dogs, one of which isn't housetrained, a couple of cats, various rodents (some tame and in cages) and more crud than you can poke a stick at! One of hosts actually touched the inside of a toilet bowl that was black and yellow with lord knows what. Oh, I feel queasy just thinking about it! You are what you eat is a bit easier to deal with. Both are a bit repetitive after a few watchings so the flirtation will end soon enough. Wish I could find a health and fitness channel so I can start doing a little aerobics or something.

Oooh, good news! We will have our bikes tomorrow with any luck. I guess this means I'll need to buy a new pump for the tyres (yes, that is how *we* spell tyres - helps tell it apart from tires, which to us means the process of becoming tired).

Time to stop rambling - it is a bit lonesome here in my eyrie 5 miles north of SJ itself. DH is out of the place for most of the day and then chatting online with friends, catching up on email and reading stuff half the evening. There are shops a bit over a mile away and a gawdforsaken mall 5 or so tram stops away but so far I haven't managed to find nice places to be that are close to home. I've been to one yarn shop (Commuknitty, where I bought some yarn I can't get a good picture of) and that was good but it is a fair PT ride and walk away. We live in a "community" but as far as I can tell everyone here is scared of everyone else - the amount of interaction is minimal. A nod, a smile, a hello if you are lucky from the person walking their dog outside on the street. Sorta sad.



  1. Glad you feel better and you sound MUCH cheerier!! Here are some words to cheer you up: car boot, footpath, petrol, tap.
    Very fast sock knitting, you ahve your knitting mojo back!!!

  2. Hooray for quick socks and your recovery! San Jose looks very pretty and I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been up to :)


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