2007, the year in review

G'day all!

Before we get on with 2008, I thought I would have a look back at 2007.

What a crazy, tumultuous year!

It started off with me with no job. That was a continuing theme.

In Feb, Nathan flew to the US to interview with a very large, Mountain View based company. He didn't want that job but did have a very nice Valentine's Dinner without me.

In March, we flew to the US for Nathan to "interview" for another job. He already had the job, it was really just to sell Fort Collins, CO, to us.

Over April and May I panicked a LOT. Moving to another country is a major challenge. Plus we had just started pulling the bathroom apart.

In June, we got our visas for Nathan's new job in Colorado. On June 23 we flew to a New World.

In July, Nathan spazzed a lot whilst I rode around Fort Collins a lot and fell in love with this hot, pretty place.

In August, Nathan settled, as did I, and went to a conference.

In September, after only three months, rumours started that the New Job was about to disappear! Oh no! But after the conference, another company was headhunting DH.

In October, we had not quite confirmation of the job drying up. Fort Collins was starting to get some quite cold days. Nathan accepted the new job.

In November, Nathan was marched out the door of the old job. We decided to get Amtrak passes and travelled around parts of eastern USA. We started to discover how cold it can get. Subzero (Celsius) temps! Ack! Cold! But nowhere near as cold as it can get....

In December, we went to Canada to get visas for the new job. At this point I must say that I really liked Canada, even the bits that aren't full of Canadians. We spent Christmas with friends and family. It was grand. Then we travelled to San Jose and saw SUN!

Finished knitted items

This was another year of the knitted accessory. I made a lot of socks and winter woollies, but not many full on articles of clothing.

Cat blankets - 1
Scarves - 6
Hats - at least 5
Mitts - 4 pairs (pairs! me make a PAIR of ANYTHING?)
Neck gaiters - 2
Toys - 1 kitty, 1 teddy bear
Dishcloths - 4
Baby clothes - one dress, one bonnet, one set of booties, two cardies
Jumpers - one for DH, one pinwheel for me
Socks - 5 PAIRS!, at least 11 singletons, ie at least 21 socks!

UFOs - hmm, about 10. Some are totally stalled, some are only stalled as they are in storage whilst we find a new place to live.

On places to live

Speaking of places to live, we've been told being on the Caltrain line would be best for us. DH has a Caltrain pass. Anyone have any suggestions as to nice, relatively cheap places near the Caltrain that are also close to natural food stores (I need gluten free and dairy free food, plus we don't want to buy, for example, grain fed beef)? We are heretics and do not have a car, so we are reliant on public transport and bicycle (when we get the bikes out of storage). It would also be good if there was a nice range of shops nearby, ones with clothes and housewares and a pharmacy, etc. So far I've noticed that I have to wander far and wide to get a range of places, which is mildly peeving when it is half an hour on foot there and 3/4 of an hour on the way back simply cos you now have to lug a heavy load of stuff.

Our location requirements:

  • easy transport (caltrain/light rail/walk/ride) to central San Jose
  • nearby natural food shop(s) (preferably within a mile or so)
  • nearby pharmacy and other shops

You may note that I have not listed easy transport to yarn stores! What is wrong with me? Am I ill? (DH has a rotten virus, so I may well be ill.) Well given that yarn does not weigh a lot whilst shopping does, and we don't have a car, I would prefer to ride 5 miles to a yarn shop to lug back two skeins of yarn than ride five miles to a supermarket and bring back 20 kilos of food....

OK, enough of this blog! I have to update Colorado Dreaming, and change its name too - I need a new name for my travels blog! Possibly I should call it "Do You Know the Way to SJ?" Any suggestions? My pathetically small punning neuron got all punned out at Christmas.



  1. Happy New Year. I do hope that 2008 is a time of peace, harmony & some stability for you. After last year, I think you're well due for it.

  2. Wow, 2007 was certainly an 'interesting' year for you. Nice knitting, and all those single socks!!! No ideas for the blog name, it is too hot to think here!!!!

  3. Hey Ive got one!!!! 'Ive been Everywhere Man'
    Only kidding,you are having the most interesting time if frustrating,what an adventure!
    Good Luck for 2008!
    PS I still havent spun up any of your coloured tops,though the wool laps are nearly done and hope to be knitting it soon!!!

  4. What a rollercoaster of a year! I hope that San Jose is a wonderful new start and you find somewhere great to live.

  5. Hi!
    I wanted to suggest another possible location for living. Mountain View is right near Caltrain, has some affordable housing and also has a Whole Foods nearby on El Camino (near San Antonio Road. In that same area there are drug stores, shopping, Trader Joes, etc...
    There also a lot of nice knitters and such in the area ;)


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