The loneliness of the long distance blogger

G'day all!

Feeling bored and isolated here. Poor widdle me is lonely. Not a very good introvert, am I? Some people would love to spend weeks mostly alone with a pile of spinning fibre and sock yarn but I've had enough of that! I need some social action!

Now people will tell me of all the knitting meetups - that is half the problem! There are about 20 of them, with about half a dozen on Sunday arvos and some more on Thursday evenings. But which is good? Which ones can I get to by PT? I don't want to ride my bike at night on these crazy roads.

I spent yesterday at Mountain View and Los Altos. In doing so I discovered:
a) nice areas. Want to live there. Don't want to live there in a concrete box, which is probably what we can afford. They call them apartments but they are flats. Apartments are nice. Flats are cheap little boxes.
b) nice yarn shops
c) a good Wholefoods and a range of shops that meet my requirements,
d) THREE bookshops all within crawling distance of each other, and
e) I have got to get into the gym if I am to lift my monstrous bike onto the racks in the light rail without busting my hands, arms and shoulders and possibly head (when my arms give way and drop the bike on my head). Lifting a heavy bike over my head is not easy! I thought I had a crippling hand injury for a while yesterday but I think it is only bruised. I can still knit without much problem.

(Today I discovered a LOT of tired muscles. LOL)

Now I am in a dilemma.

Mountain View will cost about $300 more a month for a box to live in than Campbell will. But it is nice. Plus it is on the Caltrain and Nathan has a Caltrain pass. Plus it has better shopping options for me. And it has pretty houses around it. Campbell is cheaper but the shopping isn't so good.

(eeeee! I am watching "How Clean is Your House." This bloke would be better off washing his dishes with his dunny brush than with the sponge in the kitchen! Oh I am feeling queasy!)

So pay up more and hopefully live more easily or pay less and do a bit more work?

I have a shocking tale of sock yarn abuse to relate, but next time. I've got to watch the telly!

PS It keeps looking like this outside:

We've had one nice day in the last week and it is getting a bit boring! 20% chance of rain today - well we were that 20%.


  1. Well at least the chance of being social is there!!! I can't live without a view of water and hills etc. I hated living in Savage River where all I could see were the houses over the raod that were EXACTLY like mine, in every detail. Luckily there was good bushwalking!!
    Love your Needle spider, best kind of spider I know!!!

  2. Hoo, boy, Lynne, I know your dilemma. Los Altos is beautiful, but oh, the prices! I think I'd spring for Mountain View over Campbell...the daily grind of trying to get to stores, etc. would be a real trial. Better to have what you need close at hand.

    Please turn on the good weather NOW! We'll be in California on Monday, for three weeks!

  3. And Mountain View has Bobaknit!!!!!

    Thursdays nights at Tapioca Express 1 block from the Caltrain station in downtown and Sundays at the Pearl Tea place in the same shopping center as the Mervyns and Trader Joe's. They are the most wonderful, fun, people!!!

  4. At least wherever you decide to live in the South Bay there is a lot of choice of yarn stores. Transport to them is the issue here.

  5. Oh - and I meant to say "This is winter - thats when we have our rain" September next year you will be dreaming of rain, looking forward to a damp day, sick of sunshine!

  6. Mountain view because there is more to do - you would feel all the more isolated if you had to struggle to get to places. At least if you are near stuff and it was a nicer environment you might be tempted out of your concrete box more often and it will turn out to be just somewhere to sleep!


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