The Eagle has Landed

G'day all!

We are now in sunny San Jose!

Gosh it is good to be here. It was even better to see the sun - does a pall of cloud sit over eastern North America for all of late fall and winter? We only saw the sun once in Waterloo (a brilliant day with hoar frost! Beautiful!) unless you count the times we could see it through the clouds without hurting our eyes one bit.... Anyway sun is grand! Blue skies are wonderful!

Even more wonderful are the gum trees around the place. As an Aussie, I am attached to gum trees (eucalypts and their kin). I had only seen a couple in six months but here? Oz plants all over the place! I haven't crushed a gum leaf in my hands yet but it will happen and all those wonderful eucalyptus scents will carry me home for a little while.

We can't wait to explore, though after weeks of sitting on our butts and being inactive, our feetsies are sore after only walking about 3 miles today.... LOL. We are right near the light rail, most convenient as the closest Whole Foods is miles away, literally, and it is near the light rail too. Anyone know what Campbell area is like to live in?

Anyway, wishing you all a Happy New Year! Even those of you who are not living in the past but are ahead of the times!



  1. Happy New Year! So glad you made this leg of your journey safe and sound!

    And yes, it's pretty much grey and depressing over that part of the Country for months and months :) Blech!

  2. Campbell has some nice areas and some not as nice areas. The area in and around "downtown" Campbell has been fixed up a lot in recent years- but that also means prices are probably a bit higher! There is a knitting meeting in Campbell at the Sonoma Chicken Coop on Sunday afternoons (though sporadically attended these days I think).

  3. Glad to hear you've reached San Jose, at last. I hope the California sunshine lasts for awhile, after all that cold. I hear they've had some cold weather in the Bay Area recently, too...cold by California standards, that is!

    Can't help with the Campbell area...I've always lived in the Oakland area, or in Marin County to the north. There's lots to see and do all over the Bay shouldn't be too bored. And there are a ton of gardens in the area, with lots of Mediterranean and Australian plants. Lots of great yarn shops, too!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year! It sounds like a wonderful place already :)

  5. Alison9:41 pm

    I like Campbell too - as Cindy says there are nice and not-so-nice parts. The downtown is sweet with several bars and restaurants and there is a small mall (with a Trader Joe's) walking distance from downtown with a Whole Foods nearby. Campbell is also on the Los Gatos Creek Trail which runs all the way up to the Lexington resevoir and is great for cycling. I have also taken some good classes at the Campbell rec.

  6. Happy New Year!

    Yes, this time of year New England rarely sees sun. This year, a little more than usual, thank goodness!


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