I am going to die

G'day all!

The madness continues here. The place is in a total state of disruption. I have half sorted stuff out and we've gotten rid of a heap of stuff. The packers come tomorrow and take our stuff.

But why am I going to die?

We land in Calgary on Wednesday evening. That night Calgary is expecting MINUS THIRTY-TWO DEGREES CELSIUS. Yep, -32C. OK that is including windchill but I am going to die! I won't be able to breathe. I'll have to muffle myself in about 5 gazillion scarves. My fingers and toes will go numb in seconds and I shall probably set a new world record for frostbite setting in. I don't deal with cold very well....

O holy cow, why did Calgary have to be the place with the available visa appointments? Why did it have to be the coldest large city in Canada (mebbe with exception of Edmonton or Winnipeg)? Why not Vancouver, where I would have a chance of surviving?

I am so getting me on a bus or plane to Vancouver once those visas are issued, assuming they are issued. Of course we could go to Toronto and harrass the friends there but we may as well do some sightseeing whilst we are in the area.

Thank goodness I bought thermal underwear yesterday, along with ear muffs and thinsulate gloves. I am afraid that my lovely knitted woollies just can't keep out the cold. I need to double layer them, but then they get really bulky and bulky mittens are hard to deal with. I think I'll be double layering the thermals too. Eeeek!

Time to go look in the fridge and sigh. I have Too Much Food left, especially considering we won't have anything to cook with tomorrow night. I am seriously contemplating packing a saucepan in my luggage (along with my spinning wheel) just so that when we stay at any youth hostels I have one "safe" pot to cook in. Plus I'll ahve a saucepan to cook in tomorrow night, if not any utensils... (precut stuff is the go!). It sounds like a fine plan to me!



  1. Oh my- good luck with the move and just thank your lucky stars that you like knitted items!!!

    It will be much warmer once you get to these parts, but still cool enough to enjoy knitting. Yay!

  2. As someone who grew up in a cold climate, I have two words: layers! You'll be OK! Just try not to go outside too much :) Fingers crossed for you!

  3. Anonymous7:39 am

    Sorry to see you go! As others say, stay inside, and layer up. Several areas of Canada have been having weather issues...'tis the season? Take care.
    Becky (from FC)

  4. Oh my - that is cold! Hope it all goes ok.


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