Another White Christmas!

G'day all!

We had another White Christmas! This one was a *REAL* white Christmas! Snow! It even snowed a little today!

(Love the glowing butt on that reindeer....)

I hope each and every one of my reader friends spent their day with family and/or friends in fellowship and waaay too much to eat.

You will be proud of me - I managed to get two pairs of socks done for Christmas, a scarf mostly in handspun (and knitted combination-style) all whilst dragging the pair of us all over Canada. I even have pictures (and will get some more). I have a pair of birthday socks to complete within a week and apart from that? Time to relax! Hooray!

Less than a week until we are in San Jose. I think by then snow, slush and ice will be Old and I will be ready for some solid ground that isn't white and slippery. And COLD! And I'll also be ready for some sun! Oh please give me some sun! We haven't had real sun since we left Edmonton nearly a week ago!



  1. Merry Christmas, Lynne. I'm finally delurking to say hi, and wish you Happy Holidays. I'm in the opposite situation you are...Aussie husband, I'm a California girl. We moved to the Southern Highlands of NSW a bit over a year ago, and I'm suffering all the culture shock you're experiencing, only in reverse!

    We also have an apartment in Oakland, not too far from San Jose, where you'll be soon. We visit there a few times a year...let's stay in touch. Maybe our paths will cross -- probably at a LYS! There's a really good one not far from our apartment: Article Pract. Google their site for details. I hear there's also a new yarn shop on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, really close to our place. Can't wait to check THAT out! We'll be there mid-January for three weeks...empty suitcases from here, for sure, but full, full, full for the return trip!

  2. Merry Christmas!!!

    You should be good to go with some sunshine here. Let me know when you get into town it might be possible that we can meet up before I depart on the 2nd!

  3. Merry Christmas! You both look really well :)

  4. Its a bit late... but Merry Christmas! We didn't have any snow here, le sigh, but we did eat too much and have a good time!

    Looking forward to your next adventure!

  5. Merry Christmas! Glad you had a great and snowy one! What a year, huh?

  6. Good to see you had a merry and white Christmas. The weather is warming its way up here in Oz - about 33 today with an expected 38 on New Year's Eve. Maybe a bit too much warm!

    So rug up and keep warm in your snowy wonderland before you head south again!

  7. Glad you had a good Christmas. Enjoy the snow. I do hope things work out beautifully for you in San Jose - I think of you often, and wish good things for you.


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