Internet at last!

G'day all!

We are in Waterloo, an hour out of Toronto, Canada. It is snowing. It is white outside. With any luck we will have a white Christmas! Hooray! Plus we have an internet connection. Even bigger hooray!

I have been knitting lots, though you would not know it from my output. Three socks and a half, with that half needed for tomorrow. Plus I need to get some more stuff made/bought as presents for Christmas. Ack. I only have 12 hours. I'd better get cracking!

Have a Merry Christmas! I have lots of trip reports to make on Coloradoan Dreaming. And some knitting to show. And yarn crawl results. Did Toronto yesterday. If I remember the pictures. Ooops.



  1. Merry Christmas!!!Glad things are looking great for an even greater Big Day!!!!!

  2. And a very merry Christmas to you, Lynne. After a few days of consistent rain (would you believe?), the sun is shining for Christmas Day, although the breeze is keeping things cool.

    You have certainly had an adventurous time lately! It's good that you can make the most of all things that come your way, and make sure you enjoy them to the hilt. Have a wonderful Christmas Day and an even better New Year.

  3. Thanks Lynne!!! My Dad is sick in Sydney and I was hoping he might be able to get the Nurse to go Internet and have alokk but so far I havent been able to get him on the phone but he hates them so hes probably playing doggo,LOL
    Hope you re enjoying the cold white Christmas!!!!

  4. Merry Christmas to you and yours Lynne. Hope you have a great and safe chrissie



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