Christmas socks 1

G'day all!

I promised pictures of socks. Well I have pics of one set of socks!

Made for my MiL in Hand Maiden "Casbah," a blend of wool with cashmere and nylon (10% of each). I chose a colour that reminded me of ice whilst being still in the realm of our favourite colour, aquamarine/turquoise. Yep I share the same favourite colour! When he discovered this DH was mildly concerned that he was marrying his mother....

The pattern is based on Rainy Day socks from Magknits.

MiL says the yarn is very soft. The socks seem to fit quite well too :-)

All round a win! See, I can make a matching pair of socks. Hooray!



  1. Very nice socks! Have you found your fingers getting stiff in the cold? Was wondering how you're handling it! With low temperature winters I presume indoor heating is efficient?

  2. Those are lovely socks!


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