On the road

G'day all!

Well it has been an interesting couple of weeks - two weeks now we've been on the road. Let me tell you that Australia is enormous, and we've only driven from the south-east coast to the south-west coast (and about a quarter of the way up the coast). Of course I knew that it would be big but you only realise how big when you actually drive it.

And I've done most of the driving so far, and only have one beanie and half a pair of mittens to show for my knitting so far (so much for getting a couple of sumer tops done! or a poncho for the last of winter)! I've driven nearly 4,000km so far. Ack.

I haven't found any yarn shops in the regional towns around the place - ther eare some in Perth and one in Rockingham (which was closed and I couldn't see if it really had any yarn or was just telling fibs).

We'll put up a webpage of our travels. Actually lots of webpages cos there is lots to tell!

Hopefully I'll be able to update the page before our return next Wednesday. I am not looking forward to the Nullarbor crossing - once was enough. 1400km of not really a whole lot to look at....



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