Lotsa stuff

Hello to my reader! LOL!

I know you are out there, but I don't know why you are reading this cos you get me telling you it directly anyway! But maybe I now have TWO readers! LOL!

It's been a big week this week - the second last week of freedom before this little bird gets trapped in a gilded cage. LOL. Hmm, ok, I asked for it and I think it will be an interesting thing to do to stay with one person for the rest of my life. We've got a lot of things to do yet, like make Nathan's outfit and finish mine and get the last organising done for the reception and get the order of service done and decide who is doing what in the service.

Having the Spanish guy ask me out for coffee was pretty cool. That was all the way back on Monday. My eyes have such passion! Yeah - I was out hunting my prey! Speaking of which, here is the stash, as hunted down at Dimmeys for the grand price of 99c a ball. On second thoughts, it isn't cos someone has forgotten that his directories are randomly locking and I can't access the pics I took on his camera.... Maybe tomorrow. Or at this rate never.

Can't even show you pics of my flowers that I was given by my workmates. Tomorrow. There's always tomorrow...



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