His baby takes the evening train

G'day all!

I am on my way back to Sydney. I'm taking the train and bringing my bike with me. I decided to cough up for first class in hope that I don't get sitting next to me a pimply fifteen year old heavy smoker who has a nasty skin condition involving a lot of peeling skin which he can't leave alone... Shudder

I am glad I didn't have to move the bike and my luggage more than about half a kilometre... As it is, I'm knackered!

Oh we are off (and as I love to say, we are going as well - does off have a meaning of rotting and being stinky issue of oz and nz?).

Ps hope the pic isn't rotated but it is fairly much how I feel as present...


  1. First class on a train. No first class here. No trains here either though I do have vague memories of going to the Regatta on a train. You look so happy in your sidie-waysie picture. I hope you were not bothered by anyone weird, peeling or other, on the train!!

  2. Hope you got the good trip you wanted. I've been north from Sydney first class and had a good trip. Trip to Canberra in first was another matter. My seat was occupied when I got on and man refused to move. Told me I was mistaken which I wasn't. About 15 minutes later , the conductor arrived and gave me the window seat which was what I booked, sent usurper two carriages back to his own seat. His friend who remained sat next to me and farted silently but strongly the whole way to Canberra. Absolutely disgusting.

  3. Very nice :) Hope you are having a good trip.


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