G'day all!

Spring is certainly in the air :-)

Trees are starting to leaf out and I am sitting waiting for the bus home in tshirt (and pants you will be pleased to know no doubt...).

Tis very nice. I just wish I could get a shot of the tshirt I am wearing.  It appears that my arms are not long enough to take a picture of my side.

In another week I should have at last finished dh's socks. I started them in January or February and they still aren't done. Won't it be nice to see some crafting pics on this blog?

On Thursday I have to fly to Melbourne for the next round of cancer surveillance tests. I did the bloods last week locally (and you should have seen the bruising I got! I've still got a yellow patch on the inside of my elbow).  Then I find out how things are going in a week from today.

Thanks for all your kind comments from the last post, I really need to follow up all those that I can...



  1. Sounds lovely :) We're heading for autumn here so I'll enjoy seeing your spring!

  2. Gales and teeming with rain here, though it is definitely Spring weather. As soon as my white camellias appear, I know there will be wind and rain. Damn, you must do arm stretches more regularly so we can see your t-shirt pictures!!
    Thinking of you as you wing your way in a southerly direction.


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